Top tips to keep your PG Accommodation clean!

Do you share your PG accommodation with your partner/ friend or college mate? Does he/she fail to keep it clean? Or are you both trying to maintain the hygiene of your place with a very few efforts?

Well, in order to maintain the hygiene of your apartment, you will need to first know where to start from; be it kitchen, living room or bedroom – You need to know where the problem lies and give it a start. Now the key steps you need to take :

  • Make a clearing rota to share out the tasks similarly.


  • Turn tasks week after week ­­­– nobody needs to be exclusively in charge of the smelliest occupations – Divide it amongst all the flatmates equally.  


  • Try not to leave stains to wait – wipe up spills when they happen. Ketchup, Cola or any  other thing that you spill on your clothes needs to be washed right away when they happen. Or else it will take you longer to get off surfaces in the event that they have been left for a considerable length of time. Rushing to wipe up messes, and follow a clean up schedule will sincerely enable you to spare time over the long haul.


  • Continue cleaning items and hardware in easy-to-reach-out places, instead of concealing them away – this may encourage you and your level mates make sure to wipe surfaces, or around bowls and showers all the more routinely. At that point nobody can state they ‘couldn’t discover’ anything to tidy a spill up with!


  • The most ideal approach to stay away from strife over cleaning obligations is to make a rota and stick it up some place where it’s visible to everyone. You could likewise share it electronically, utilizing like sharing it over Whatsapp or any other medium.


  • Choose that everybody is independently in charge of the maintenance of their own room and some other stockpiling regions that may be separately assigned.


  • Make a rundown of the considerable number of tasks that should be done to keep public zones (the kitchen, washroom, relax, and lobbies) clean.


  • Break errands into smaller parts like: ‘wash the kitchen floor’, or ‘clean the cooler’ – that way cleaning doesn’t appear to be so overwhelming!


  • Disregard assigning undertakings to particular days – nobody needs to be considered responsible for not vacuuming the corridors on Tuesday, if there was an article due date that day! Rather, turn duties on a week after week premise The .


  • Try not to give grimy dishes a chance to heap up – it’s irritating for others and rank. Absorb dishes in warm water with a dishwashing cleanser to make cleaning less demanding, yet don’t abandon them too long or the water will go vile!


  • On the off chance that conceivable, keep canisters close to the front gate, so will probably purge them when you’re taking off.


What’s more, if keeping the house clean keeps on being a battle, consider clubbing together to get a cleaner to do the fundamentals once per week. Your opportunity will be better spent examining (and celebrating) than quarreling over the cleaning with your flatmates. Not just this, but if you are also looking for a Student Accommodation in Delhi NCR, then you can get in touch with OR Call us at +91 8882 415 415.