4 Famous and Best Eateries in Kamla nagar (That too under Rs. 600)

Kamla Nagar or ‘K-Nags’ is Delhi University’s North Campus joint zone that is well known among customers and students alike. The market brags of various astonishing restaurants and in case you’re hungry or need a break from your long lectures, this place offers some incredible eats around the local area – and here’s the best of the rest!

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Bille Di Hatti

You’re likely all around familiar with this road joint on the off chance that you live in Delhi – THAT’s the means by which well known it stays for its Chole Bhature. The fiery chole and pickle and chutney unquestionably offers a blast of flavors while the mega fresh bhaturas, loaded with coriander and paneer, are not excessively sleek and served sizzling *drooling already*.

Feast For Two | Rs 150


Raaga Reloaded

This bistro is a prevalent home base joint for some, students attributable to its stash inviting costs, eye-catching ambiance and the assortment of dishes served here. You can relax around as you relish a few tidbits and espresso, and the alleviating and relaxed feeling just makes it up for you. Go for the Double Chocolate Toblerone Shake, Pasta in White Wine Cream and Vegetable Lasagna for a filling dinner!

Dinner For Two | Rs 600


Chache Di Hatti

You will dependably recognize a line of local people outside this little shop, so be prepared to overcome the group (and the warmth) for a plate of tasty their Chole Bhature. The uncommon Rawalpindi chanas are superbly zesty and served with soft, paneer or potato stuffed bhaturas close by a crude onion serving of mixed greens and pickle. Ensure you arrive ahead of schedule, as ordinarily they’re altogether sold out for the day by the evening (no doubt truly!).

Supper For Two | Rs 100


Vaishno Chaat Bhandar

This unobtrusive outlet has been around for a considerable length of time and is known for its flavorful road sustenance contributions, for example, the tart and fresh Samosa Chaat, Gol Gappe, Bhalle Papdi, Aloo Tokri and Aloo Chaat to give some examples, all served at sensible rates. Make a beeline for fulfill those chaat desires in KNags!

Dinner For Two | Rs 150