Top Societies of Delhi University that you really need to know about!

Delhi University, being the most prestigious institution of the country, has various societies which cater to different interests of students – known as the cultural societies. They offer a diverse range of activities like Theatre (Drama), Fashion shows, Debates, Dance offs etc. Most of the colleges have their own societies which provide a platform by giving the students adequate exposure.

The cultural societies have audition process and aspiring students must undergo them.

Many societies have gained popularity over the years because of their acts and outstanding performances – which is why, if you are soon to become a DU student, then go through this list of DU societies which we believe are magnificent –  


  • Ibtida – (The dramatics society of Hindu College)

Ibtida is for all those who embrace the beauty of theatre and drama. With being 26 years old, it has for the better and has raised standards and expectations. For all theatre enthusiasts and Bollywood freaks, Ibtida is the acclaimed dramatics society of one of the most popular DU colleges, Hindu College. Over the years, the society has consistently raised standards and expectations in theatre work and has emerged as one of the most sought-after societies of Delhi University.


  • Abhivyakti

This being a driving force for social change and women empowerment through drama has won people’s hearts. They are known for tackling social issues in their own satirical and comical style which is prominent in their plays. One of the best plays as of now is, ‘Hair and dere’ which targeted the so-called beauty standards set by the society for women. The best part about Abhivyakti is that they use the concept of live music incorporated with the dialogue deliveries.  


  • The Debating Society – (St. Stephen’s College)

For students who love intelligent arguments, that too in a structured way – The Debating society of St. Stephen’s is your go-to place. The society has set a benchmark in debating competitions held across various colleges in the country – it’s participants have always managed to bag the best prizes in many prestigious institutions of the country. The society handles Conventional, Parliamentary as well as other forms of debate activities – and if you want to be a part of it, then you need to sign up for it. All they practice and preach is, the right to free speech!


  •  Parivartan – (The Gender Forum of Kirori Mal College)

No doubts that our society needs change – we all need to be the catalyst of change, which is why, Parivartan is doing such an amazing work to fight social injustice. It conducts a number of formal and informal discussions on various issues related to gender – societal status and norms & alarming issues like Domestic Violence, Rape etc. If you think, you need to contribute to the society and fight social injustice, then there is no better way than joining parivartan.


  • Glitz – (The fashion society of Kamala Nehru College)

To all the fashionistas, Glitz is your go-to society, which focusses on one thing solely – FASHION! This fashion society of Kamala Nehru College is famed for it’s magnificent taste in style and fashion trends. If you are the ‘Gucci-Prada’ sorts, then join this society for sure. You must have seen their fashion shows in famous newspaper like HT, TOI etc – which made Glitz even more aspirable. The driving force behind such amazing shows is – freshness and originality brought to the garments and choreography by the Glitz team!


So, these were some of the best societies of DU and your life would be really open to good amount of exposure, if you join them. Also, if you are moving to Delhi and about to join DU – we have a wide range of shared accommodations near DU North campus and south campus. You can call us at +91 8882 415 415 for more details and reliable shared accommodations.