Are you planning to book a Paying guest room in Delhi? Look for these factors…

One can easily write a nonfiction book on his/her experience as a tenant in Delhi. From pleasant to unpleasant (less pleasant, more unpleasant) – all types of memories can fill up the book and offer you a great read. But there’s a huge difference in reading someone’s story and experiencing the same.

Booking a Paying guest room in Delhi is no easy job. Finding a broker, bearing with his commission, negotiating with the owner and all can be extremely tiring.

“Does it mean that we should dump the whole idea of living as a tenant? What about our higher studies, our profession for which we are in the city?”, you must be thinking.

Relax! You can still take the situation in control just by being a little more alert. Here is a list of some common factors that, if given early attention, can save your time and money.


Your Budget

Stick to your budget no matter what – options are many. All you need to do is a strategic search that can easily get you the right property. A broker will always try to lure you with luxurious accommodations but you should aim for a blend of comfort, convenience and affordability.



Negotiate with the owner only when you find a good location. It doesn’t make sense settling in a locality where you have to hire a vehicle for basic necessities. Facilities like metro station, shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals and pharmacy should be at walking distance. If you don’t see anything in the vicinity, move to some other location.


Condition Of The Room

Before you agree on the room rent – be it a Paying guest room in Delhi or a rental flat – take a close look at the condition of the place. Is it worth living in? Check for the door locks, windows, ceilings, ventilation, water supply, etc. If there is anything that needs to be fixed, ask for it instantly. If the owner seems reluctant you have other options. There are countless options for rental flats across Delhi and NCR.



Staying with a roommate is a great experience only when you find the right one. If you are exploring a double sharing room at a PG, you may ask the owner to arrange a talk with the expected roommate. Knowing about his/her hobbies will give you an idea about how far you both can go along together.


Terms And Conditions

Some amount of terms and conditions are always a part of a rental agreement. Whether it is a housing society or a PG, it is best to stay clear about the rules and regulations set by the owner or the society. This will not only help you make a better decision but will also prevent any confusion in future.



Life becomes easier when you have a peaceful dwelling place. But finding it is the toughest job. At times, you feel like you are screwed when you find brokers engrossed in their own interests and hardly bothered about you. And you only wish if you could do it all by yourself without paying any brokerage. Frankly, there is a way. These days students and professionals rely more on online portals that allow them to book homes without any brokerage.

If you too wish to take the online route, feel free to visit StudentAcco. The online accommodation portal is exclusively for students across Delhi and NCR. Hope this time you do not have to struggle much for your new base in Delhi. You can also call us at – +91 8882 415 415.