Tips to find the perfect shared accommodation-what facilities to look forward while looking for a shared accommodation?

shared accommodation

Every year, thousands of students move to different towns and cities for further studies and jobs, leaving their families behind, and they find new families in their roommates, and new home in their PGs and other accommodations. But, all this is possible, only if the accommodation provides a secure and homely environment to the students and if they find, perfect roommates to live with.

  • The most important thing to keep in mind while looking for a shared accommodation is to understand whether, the person you are about to live with is the right person to share an accommodation, finding like minded people is a safer option, so that it becomes easy to adjust in a new place and any issues or any decisions can mutually be taken. This will provide a sense of belongingness and security to students.
  • Families are always concerned about their children, and they do not want to hamper their child’s security. They prefer having a thorough information about the safety of their child. The best way to ensure safety is by selecting such accommodations, that provide a good security system.
  • Living in a shared accommodation, can be difficult, as living with a person you don’t know is a heavy task. But, if the research regarding the accommodation’s security and cameras at the entrance are taken seriously, then there won’t be any issue
  • Shared accommodations come with a lot of sharing, than just a room and sharing a bathroom is also a part of this sharing sometimes and can be a difficulty for some, and therefore, they prefer to have separate washrooms. If you are one of them, then clarification of such things can relieve you from a lot of fights among roommates. 
  • Understanding the locality and the commute system from your PG or any other accommodation, is a very important factor as having a thorough information about these can save time, can give an idea about the availability and reachability of basic needs and can be helpful during emergencies.
  • Talk and discuss: Before finalising the accommodation, try to meet and talk with your to be roommate. Clarify your doubts, your habits and your expectations and ask about hers. You need to understand your roommate and their personality, if you are going to live with a stranger.
  • Sharing an accommodation can be a great money saver, but has got to be a clever choice. While looking forward to sharing a living space, understand the expenses, like electricity, food, water and others, and try maintaining a clear account for every expense, so that there won’t be any issues while paying.
  • While looking for a shared accommodation, try to search for places that provide semi furnished accommodation, like, beds and almirahs are to be provided. 
  • Keep in mind that, the accommodation you are looking for has to be a shared one, and therefore, it should cost much less than any single accomodation. 
  • Always remember to divide the expenses equally.
  • Keep a copy of rent agreement with yourself and have a thorough read about it’s clauses and dealings, to make sure that everything that happens has a reason behind it.
  • The major aspect that needs to be taken care of is the security, 

All these points are very necessary factors, when you look for a shared accommodation and therefore, should be followed for better results and happy stays.