How to ensure safety for your kids in their student accommodation?

student accommodation

As the times are changing, the youth of our country is also changing. They prefer going out of their home-towns, either for further studies or for jobs. Careers don’t lie at home-towns anymore. Youth is seeking better opportunities and they get it from metro cities and so they prefer to settle in such cities, but one thing remains the same, parents and their worries. A new city, a new home, can come with a lot of unwanted mishaps, and such things make the parents worry much more than their kids even know, and eventually they leave no stone unturned to make sure that their child is safe and sound. Here are a few points, that can ensure your child’s safety:

  • Parents need to know everything about the city, locality, college/office, where their child is deciding to go, so that in case of any emergency, you can have access to the information about your child’s whereabouts.
  • Try to meet and visit the landlord personally, and have his/her contact details, so that at the time of any issue, landlord can be directly contacted and easily be available for your children.
  • Having the landlord’s contact details is just not enough and its important to have, college’s contact, and contacts of some friends and neighbors as well, as these people hangout with your children the most.
  • Regular safety checks of the PG, to ensure whether the security systems of the PG are working properly.
  • Parents also need to be aware of the basic amenities nearby, supermarkets, hospitals, metro stations, etc. as these will help reach out to your child easily and more efficiently.
  • Talking is always the best option. Talk to your kids. Ask your kids to share every issue they face living in a different city with a different set of people. Ask them about their landlord, their PG and their roommate. It will help both you and your child in handling things in a better way.
  • Maintaining good relations with your child’s landlord can have a positive impact on the relation between the student and the landlord. A friendly chat with the landlord once a while, as landlords are the one closest to your kids in the new city.
  • Have a thorough knowledge about the website, your child finalized the accommodation from, have contact details of the website as well.

These are the few things that has to be kept in mind while sending your child away to live in a PG or any other accommodation.