How to find women only accommodations in Delhi NCR?

find women only accommodations in Delhi NCR

The rising crimes, have also increased a threat to women’s safety, and therefore, majority of the women prefer living at women only accommodations and it becomes a necessity to find a women only accommodation in a city like Delhi NCR. But, how to make sure that the accommodation you are planning to finalise is safe and best for you? 

Here, we have accumulated some points which you can use to accommodate yourself at a safe and perfect space according to you:

  • Every website or app, that provides PGs and other accommodations, knows well that in these times, being safe is the priority for women and therefore, Almost every online platform or website provides you with the option for Women only accommodation. They provide different preference filters, through which you can shorten your search and still have options according to your needs.
  • Delhi is the capital of India, which is why every website provides PGs and other accommodations to Delhi NCR and other nearby regions as well, so it won’t be tough to find an accommodation according to your requirements.
  • A major setback in getting an accommodation through online websites is lack of information about the locality and the neighbourhood in which you are planning to live.  
  • Finding results for women only accommodation can be tough, as the results provided might not show the ground reality about the neighborhood, which might have boys hostels or boys PGs, that can act as a setback to your safety.  
  • The best way to look for a proper women only accommodation, is by understanding different localities, that provide accommodations and rentals specifically for women and are nearby to your office/college/coaching centre. 
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that if you can’t find women only societies nearby your office/college/coaching centre, then try finding societies where there can be a majority of families living.
  • You should personally visit the location of accommodations, and then make any decision regarding finalising your stay. This will provide you with a clear aspect of the location and can make your search easy.
  • There are also websites that provide information regarding the nearby markets, hospitals, metro stations, locality and every other necessity.
  • The only thing you need to do thoroughly is to filter the websites properly. Some websites might be popular but might also provide false information and also the information provided on such portals can be uploaded by the brokers. So, to avoid such results, try filtering the websites carefully by gathering information regarding the same.
  • These can further help you to shorten the search results according to your preferences and can lead you to an option that can be safe & perfect, and is according to your requirements.

All websites are not the same but can provide you with similar results, the major things you need to focus on are, your preferences, and then match the results. They will differ slightly, but this can help you understand how preferences work. 

Finding a women only accommodation can be tough, but it is just about understanding different web portals and the preference options provided by them.