How to ensure that your roommates do not impact your work from home productivity

Lately, as a result of Covid 19, there are possibilities that you are asked to work from home. There are several countries in which there is a declaration of complete lockdown, and there are chances that you might be a resident of one of those. Now, if you live in a hostel, then there are chances that you might be less productive due to the hindrances from your roommates. Here are some of the tips for you to keep a check onto your productivity. 

Set boundaries with your roommate:

If you have yet not set boundaries and agreed on a mutual pact with your roommate about your working condition then you are bound to get distracted from everything happening in your surroundings. Therefore, it is a very important part of setting a working environment. 


What does it mean to set boundaries?

It means to make them understand that you would be in your office mode while working. Therefore, they must not try to disturb you while you work. 

Get a specific workspace:

Even in a hostel you can get a particular place where you can sit and work, without getting disturbed. Make sure that the place is far from the usual disturbances of the rest of the hostel. Psychology says that a particular place can have a great impact on the mind, therefore, if you would enter the same place regularly and would work, your mind would learn that it needs to be more productive when you enter there. 

Work the allotted hours and deliver:

Work from home can be a curse and boon simultaneously depending on your organizational skills. Thus, if you let the line of personal space get blurred with that of the professional space, then you would be more stressed. If you are working on something you like, then it would be an amazing opportunity to grow yourself. However, if it is just a qualification-based job then probably it can become a curse to your mental peace, especially, if there is no one to keep a track of your working hours. 

   Therefore, organize your leisure time with your roommate so that it won’t get into the working hours. If you would keep a firm line between your leisure time and working time, it would not only increase your productivity, but your stress would also be reduced.  

Work in a specific routine:

This is again a psychological fact that if an individual is performing a task in a routine then his/her mind gets trained for doing so, and therefore, productivity can be increased. There might be times that your roommate has initiated a conversation in which even you are interested. No matter how badly you want to put forward your views, if you would it would be a disturbance in your work. 



Working from home is an amazing opportunity, however, you would be needing an understanding of tips and tricks to boost your productivity. There are numerous benefits associated with this opportunity such as flexibility of time, options of exploring your passion, less hectic day. However, there are consequences too; such as distractions, less productivity etc which needs to be eradicated. The tips mentioned above would definitely help you in solving these issues.