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Data Collection

That's what we do first up. To actually see if the property advertised is even available for students. We don't want you to shortlist something, and then find out that the owner doesn’t even rent it out to students, right? So we cover all the bases for you.

On Premise Recce

Seein’ is livin' at StudentAcco. We see, so you can live. We personally check out all the properties, collect as much of information as possible to make your decision quick and well informed. Our data collectors take high resolution photographs of the property, so you can be rest assured that the pictures are a true representation of the property you’re seeing, and not just some image downloaded from Google. :-)

Mapping Geo Location

Where are you in the world? That's what we find out when we're checking out a place for you. We collect the geo-location of the property to map out bus stops, pharmacies, malls, metro stations, restaurants - anything you could potentially need when you're stepping out from your rented acco.

Property Verification

Finally, it’s left to our enthusiastic team of data quality analysts. These angels go through each and every listing, and verify it for its correctness of information. So you don’t have to.