Be a PG Ninja

PG Ninja

PGs also known as Paying Guest Accommodations are highly demanded by young professionals who are relocating to metro cities in search of better job opportunities. It is regarded as the most preferred option when one needs to have a home away from home for pursuing higher studies or a lucrative employment opportunity. If one is locating to Delhi / NCR regions, it often becomes difficult to find right Boys PG in Delhi or Girls PG in Gurgaon.

Some tips that enable easier search are listed below:

  • To begin with, while searching for any PG accommodation, it is important to be clear about budget as well as the list of preferred areas. Shortlisting these two things in advance are going to simplify the entire search process.
  • Take help from online real estate website: When internet is in hand, make use of it by surfing real estate websites such as that helps in conducting specific search for PG located in the nearby areas. These websites allow a person to post in his / her requirements bridging the gap between the PG owner and prospective tenant.
  • Agent is effective: If you are new to the area, hiring an agent is highly suggested since he will able to show multiple locations. However, one has to take into account the additional cost that this option brings along. Agents operating in Delhi/ NCR usually charge amount worth 15 days to 30 days rent in the form of their assistance fee.
  • Apart from the PG location, see if it is near to public transportation and has the facility of tiffin system or meals.
  • Take Reviews: If the space is already inhabited by students, you can take their number of and ask for room conditions and possible challenges that they face there. Know about any prohibitions regarding late night arrivals, bringing friends over etc.