How to combat stress?

As we all know, life is full of frantic activity and with the growing work pressure and competition we hardly get time for ourselves or our families. However, we all need a break from our busy lives. People must understand that it is really important to balance health and professional life. Health comes first and for that you really need to switch off from your daily routine. Over-indulgence in the routine works makes you feel stressed and also affects your health in many ways. Numerous studies and surveys have reported that those who spend most of their time working have higher symptoms of stress. Nowadays not only working professionals but students are also suffering from stress and depression.


Student life is one of the most interesting and crucial part of everyone’s life.  But it is not easy for everyone to migrate to another city and live in rental places. Rental properties play a very important role in students’ life. It is very important for students to focus on their studies without worrying or stressing about any other thing and to do that student must have a right rental space to live. It helps them feel comfortable and provide them the right atmosphere to study and to live a stress free life. Imagine that you live in a hostel where you get no water supply and often deal with electricity problems. Will you be able to study in that kind of atmosphere? The answer is no. So make the right decision and only pick the rental space which has all the essential facilities.

We generally feel that stress is very hard to deal with and that there is nothing we can do to beat stress but it is not true. There are various ways of stress management. To manage stress it is very essential to surround yourself with positive people along with positive environment around you. Learn to say “NO”. Taking responsibilities of things you are not capable of doing also causes stress.

Take control on activities you indulge in. Only participate in positive events which help you bust stress and spend less time on doing activities which makes you anxious or angry.

Write down what causes you stress. How do you react to it? Also think of the measures to deal with it.

Avoid watching news and TV shows that makes you feel stressed and depressed. Go out and spend most of your time with people you love and discuss your problems with them.

Take a break from your busy life or whatever causing you stress and plan a family trip or trip with friends and go out on a vacation.