Packing Essentials for Students when Moving to a New City!

What all clothes should I pack? What about the kitchenware? Do I need to pack all these blankets and bedsheets with me? These are just few of those questions that come to your mind when you pack for moving to some other city for your college.

If you plan to move to a fully furnished accommodation like ours, half the job is already done.

Having said that, there is still a checklist that all college students should take care of while moving to a new city.



From the Wardrobe

Don’t forget to take your wearable along. Since you can’t buy stuff every now and then, here are things we do highly recommend:

  • Plenty of socks, underwear and loungewear – for obvious reasons (also, this will help reduce the laundry burden every alternate day)
  • Pack clothes according to the weather in the city you’re moving in
  • A few jumpers
  • A pair of ultra-comfortable shoes (you’ll need this when you start exploring the city on foot)

You might need to buy clothing as and when required, but it’s definitely a good idea to bring a lot of casual everyday clothes with you, if you can. For starters, it’ll make your mornings much easier.


From the Kitchen

Since you are going alone to the college, less would be sufficient for you to take along when it comes to kitchenware. For about three bowls, three plates, three cutlery sets and two cups should be enough for you. And don’t forget about your washing skills.

The same goes for pans – just a couple of frying pans is all you’ll need.

Still if you miss out on something, don’t worry, the homeware shops in your new city is easy to find.


From the Bathroom

Keep your toothpaste, toothbrush, or any other dental product in use, shampoos, shower gels, or maybe soap to pamper yourself enough.

Just a two month supply of everything should be enough and by that time you will be well versed with the nearby local shops to buy you stuff.


From the Study Room

A few notepads and necessary stationery like pens, pencils or ruler won’t occupy much space in your bag. So don’t forget to take them along as it’s one less thing to worry about if you bring a small stash with you.

Mostly the course reading list is out before the classes start so you will have ample time search for your course books online, though Delhi’s bookshops are great but no one can guarantee that you will find the exact desired book by the desired author. Take advantage of various online shopping portals and place your order to be delivered to your accommodation address. This will not only save you from roaming around finding the books but also from carrying the weight of the same. Branded Accommodations in Delhi

Forgot to pack some of the necessities? Don’t worry! After all you’re in Delhi, the city where you’ll find shops that sells whatever it is you’re after. In any case you require any help; our team is always available to point you in the right direction.

Like the city itself, our accommodations have everything you need. You’re guaranteed a comfortable stay with Studentacco. All our fully furnished rooms come with:

  • Bed with mattress
  • Complete kitchen (with refrigerator, microwave, cookware, serveware)
  • Attached bathrooms (with geyser)
  • Study desk with chair
  • Plenty of storage space for all your things (means wardrobe, drawers and shelves)
  • Unlimited FREE WiFi access
  • DTH included
  • Living Room (with TV, sofa, center table)

And much more to make you feel like home in no time.

Call us at 8882- 356- 356 for further inquiry or schedule a visit to take a close look at our accommodations.