7 Unwritten Rules Every Roommate Must Follow

Leaving the comfort of home and moving to an alien city is definitely tough. Before you start sharing an accommodation, you must have wondered that how hard it will be to live with someone you don’t even know. Nowadays, it is easy to get an authentic PG accommodation in Delhi, than to get a reliable roommate to live with. But to make your life a bit easier, we have the ‘7 Unwritten Rules Every Roommate Must Follow’ and enjoy your PG life while you can.

know the rules

Be nice as pie- First of all, be nice to your roommate. Even they have left their house and must feel lonely in the alien city. So, you don’t have to be best buddies, but at least play nice. For an obvious fact, you will be physically near this person for a good majority of your time, so it’s in your best interest to get along with them. Be courteous enough to have a conversation with them-get to know each other- because a li’l effort won’t hurt anyone.

Keep your hands off their stuff, mate- You are sharing the PG accommodation but not the stuff. So, be courteous enough to not use your roommate’s stuff without their permission. If they didn’t say you could take it, don’t take it. Because that’s stealing. And when they find out, everything just becomes uncomfortable. Trust me, no one wants to live with a thief.

Remember the word ‘SHARED’- You know that it is a shared accommodation. Of course your friends can visit but should not always be omnipresent. For you, your friends must be the best people in the world. But that doesn’t mean your roommate is going to want them in your room 24/7. So, do not make it as a regular hangout spot for your friends.

Good fences make good neighbors- We all need privacy and personal space. So, it is advisable for you to don’t be all over their stuff. You don’t want to be tagged as ‘The Creepy Roommate’. Sometimes your roommate will need alone time even when you happen to be present. So, give them the space that they require and stop making their life a living hell.

Now a freak-always a freak! – What if your roommate is an OCD patient? That too, a hygiene freak! You are obviously aware of the fact that it is a shared space, so keep your side clean. Even you as a roommate, wouldn’t be interested in smelling someone’s dirty laundry or dirty belongings. So, our personal advice to you will be, is to maintain the hygiene of your PG accommodation and live a healthy PG life.

Keep your chin up- If you believe you won’t get along with your roommate, chances are you won’t. Try to keep up a positive attitude.It is good to communicate with your roomie. If you’re roommate is usually in bed at 10pm but is still not home this night at 3am, you might want to shoot them a text to make sure they’re okay. Also, don’t be afraid to let your roommate know how you feel about their behavior, if it’s disruptive.

Forget that anything happened- There will be issues-they may lie-make mistakes and even you can do that. So, you know that living together can make you see the worst side of them, but at times you just gotta let go of these things and make this stay worthwhile for both of you.


Hope these unwritten rules help you to make your stay worthwhile and ease out the pressure of living in an alien city. Also, if you are seeking a homelike PG accommodation in Delhi, then feel free to call us at +91 8882 356 356.