Moving to Delhi? Then you should know these things for sure

Time to bid goodbye to your home and wave a joyous hello to your new PG accommodation in Delhi. Yes, we are talking about the ‘moving out to the new city’ phase; Which is ‘where you don’t have an accommodation of your own and around yourself, all you have are strangers-not a single known entity’.

From finding a PG accommodation in Delhi to-commuting alone-sharing the accommodation with other people, you will struggle to live through it. It’s high time that you understand- this is when you start living life in real sense.

Now that Delhi is going to be a big part of your life, we might as well share a few tips for your easy stay:

Hola PG Life- Welcome to your new temporary home. This life is memorable and fun filled. With seeking a PG accommodation in Delhi, you will be sharing a big part of your life with the roommates, so you might as well enjoy it. Minor brawls with roomies, midnight snacking, sleepless nights-night outs and what not! One must experience this life. It not only teaches you to be independent but one also learns money management skills and how to share with people of different kinds.

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Stay Confident- Big city, big opportunities. So your level of confidence should also be big. The mantra of survival here is to stay confident. This is the only tool against peer pressure and in any phase of life where you have little control over the situations. No matter what, always keep your head high, chin up and most importantly believe in yourself.


Go on a shopping spree- Delhites are tagged as brand addicts but not all can afford the branded material. So this city does provide you an options to go for lookalikes & first copy of such products. Depending upon the lifestyle you have, where major chunk of your money goes in accommodation, food and transportation, you can save a lot of money by shopping in cheap yet reliable places like Sarojini Nagar, Janpath, Kamla Nagar and GK M-Block market, which provide you with exact replicas of all the branded goods. (Pssttt! Do bargain, big time)

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No more I, me and myself– You must have been in the limelight for your life but it’s different now. City life sucks the patience out of people, so don’t expect people to entertain your tantrums. The sooner you let go of it, the easier it becomes for you to fit in and be self-reliant.


Homesickness– With all the freedom in your life, frequent night outs, midnight calls, no explanations for sleeping are all outcomes of staying away from home. This freedom is enjoyable only for a couple of months to a year at the most. Soon you will be home sick. You will terribly miss the goodness of mom’s food, dad’s comforting hug and sharing all crazy stuff with your siblings.


With emotions comes good food– If you are a foodie, which every delhite is, then you just got lucky. Because there is no love more truthful than the love for food. You are in the best corner of the country as Delhi is renowned for Chandini Chowk’s street food, Paranthey wali gali, Kareem’s kebabs and what not – just name it and you will find it all here! At Delhi University – Kamla Nagar in North Delhi and Satya Niketan in South Delhi are home to the coolest and pocket friendly hangout joints. Some of the all-time favorites are Tom uncle’s Maggi, Roshan’s Kulfi, QDs, Big Yellow Door, Chowringhee lane’s roll and Keventer’s flavoured shakes.



Finally, you are going to witness the Fifty Shades of Delhi, but soon you will embrace it and for the love of god, never let anything change who you are and what purpose you came here for, because Delhi loves people for who they really are! You will slowly fall for this city and one day you will be truly, madly and deeply in love with it.

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