How to make a long distance move easier for yourself?

Preparing for a long-distance move is not an easy task. You have a lot of confusions and misconceptions going on in your mind. But finally, after making the decision to move to a new state or city, that too for college, puts us in dilemma. In a completely new phase of life-place-people-and whatnot!

A lot of choices are to me made before moving out and likewise tons of questions will be crossing your mind every second. How will I get there? How will I manage alone? How much stuff should I carry?

Don’t fret! Everyone has a rescuer and so do you. Because we are going to help you out with the ways you can combat this dilemma and move easily to your shared accommodation in Delhi.

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Pre-Plan Everything: If you are seeking a shared accommodation in Delhi, then get your hands on the keyboards and search for the websites which offer reliable accommodations for students, that too inclusive of all facilities. Evaluate the cost of everything and make sure it’s in your budget. Be prepared and research on how much it would cost to hire movers- but if you don’t have that much stuff then you just saved yourself a lot of bucks.

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Keep what’s necessary: Carrying all the stuff alone will be a tough task, so while you pack for your big move, carry what is going to serve your purpose. While you do this, there is no better way of getting rid of stuff that you don’t need than while going through them when you start packing. So, rid yourself of all unnecessary items, discard or donate anything that you don’t need and sell stuff off online to make some extra cash. packing (1)

Essentials? CHECK!: Pack a separate bag for essentials. It should include your mobile charger-laptop-your first week clothes-personal belongings-and a photo of your family (obviously, you are going to miss ‘em). Why do this? Because on your first day, you don’t wanna juggle and dabble into a lot of stuff and put yourself in misery.


Let the bird fly: First of, it’s okay. Don’t fret if you have left something important. While living on your own you must be prepared for the unexpected. There is a higher probability that you might leave something behind or if something you wanted in your list has been left off. So, don’t worry because it’s a big city and you can always buy things you require. Now is your time to make the most out of this life and enjoy it, so fret not and mazel tov to the new life ahead.

Hope these pointers help you out in your big move to the new city. Also, if you are seeking a PG accommodation in Delhi, then feel free to call us at +91 8882 356 356 and make your stay worthwhile.