How to find out what type of roommate you have?

You hate them, you love them. They don’t save the food for you but save the hot water at times. This or that, will always be a part of your new ‘living in a shared accommodation life’ but deep down you do realize that they are your family away from home! Many a times, you feel that emotional connect to this person, whom you have just started to know (Coz same situation. Duhhh!!). But do not forget the fact that we all are a type and so is your roomie. They could be sweet as sugar or sour as a lemon. Interesting, right? Guessing what type is yours? Then go ahead and find out what type of roommate you have.

The Lazy One: Imagine you hustled the whole day and are just heading to the comfort of your shared room. But wait, what do you see when you reach? The moment you enter, it looks like a tornado has hit your living pad. Honestly, not the actual one but your roommate’s laziness. All their laziness is lying on the floor in the form of dirty laundry, utensils, leftover food and what not! 

the-lazy-one (1)


The Germ Freak: Well, there are always two sides of the story. Just like the lazy one, you must have encountered ‘The OCD’ ones (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Of course, it differs from person to person but at times there are some whose life’s mission it is to kill each and every germ in the house.

The-Germ-Freak (1)


{Meanwhile, Hey germs!!! Be prepared to die!! (grabs the broom as if heading out with Harry Potter on a kill-the-germs mission)

The Whole Week Partier: Are you ready to party? Yes! On weekends, right? Nope, every single day. Yes, they do exist! The party maniac- The whole week partier; The party animal etc. Well, it is okay to party on the weekends because you need a change but not every day. This roommate of yours just need a reason to party and enjoy their life (if in college, no wonder they have low attendance).

The-whole-week-partier (1)


The Normal One: It is very hard to find a roommate in an accommodation, who is normal. Yes, I said ‘Normal’. Sometimes, luck does favor the hustler. So, if you have hustled with the above three types of roomies, then now is your time to enjoy. Hard to find, but if ever got a chance to live with the normal guy, then you got a lottery ticket, mate.

Now, ‘The Lazy One’, ‘The Germ Freak’ and last but not the least ‘The Whole Week Partier’ are off your back and you have the chance to live your PG life to the fullest.

The-normal-one (1)
So, hope these top four types of roomies includes yours as well; Also, if you are looking for a PG accommodation in Noida, then feel free to call us at +91 8882 356 356.