About to join college? If yes, then ask yourself these three questions.

Just when the 12th board exams will be over, there will be a race to get yourself admitted in the best colleges. College is intimidating, the work seems daunting, and meeting all new people seems overwhelming. We know you can’t wait to join college. None of us could. All the thoughts, feelings, ideas, you had about college are just about to get real. But wait, what about clarity? What do you want to do pursue? If you do know, then it’s good but if you are clueless, then go ahead and ask yourself these three questions:

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What Is My Goal in Life?

‘What’s my aim?’ Ask yourself this question. You can always avoid going mainstream. Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you must do it too.

It all comes down to you. What choices do you have and what you will do with it. What’s important now is that you figure out what you want to strive for in life, starting today!

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Your ambitions have changed during all these years. And honestly, that’s okay. Don’t limit yourself when you’re thinking about what your goals are. If you have multiple aims in different areas, that’s fine. If there are only one or two that really seem important to you, that’s okay too.

Are these professional careers really my call?

Now, consider your goals. Can you think of any professional careers that will allow you to do what you really want? If you can’t, do some research. You’d be surprised to know about the fun jobs that are out there. Even if you already chose a specific career consider doing some research to see what similar jobs and possible career paths you could take.

You just need to find a profession that allows you to do “the thing” YOU want to do, or at least allows you to move toward it.

Don’t worry if you can’t find an occupation leading you towards exactly what you’ve been dreaming about. You always have an option to look for positions related to your objectives as well, which helps you get your foot in the door. If you want to travel, then entering relative field or joining an airline company or travel agency will be a good option.

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Is the college degree going to help me break into that field?   

Now that you have decided to go for the course of your choice, it’s time to think how to break into that professional field. Getting a college degree, is the foremost important option but always remember that real world experience counts as well. You may have the on-paper credentials for getting a job but passion is going to work oodles in your favor.

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So, if you are still asking what your call is, it’s better to research about everything thoroughly and then make a wise decision. It all comes down to these three questions about what you want in life and how you’re going to get there.


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