Top three types of PG owners/Landlords you will come across while house hunting

Your Landlord/PG Owner is a ‘type’. Well, everyone’s landlord is of a type.

But we have the list of most common types of PG Owners who are either a boon or a bane. So, when it comes to finding the right apartment, there may be a bit more to consider than location and your budget.

Your PG owner can set the tone for your experience in a PG in Noida. An absentee PG Owner may make your living conditions uncomfortable when necessary repairs aren’t made. On the other hand, a PG owner who keeps tabs on everything (Yes! We literally mean everything) may not be ideal either. If you’re planning to move into a suitable accommodation soon, you may want to keep these top 3 types of landlords in mind.

‘Don’t do this, Don’t do that’ type: (The constant nagger) If you are seeking a PG in Delhi, then you surely wouldn’t want to come across the type of PG Owner who constantly nags you. They will nag you for timings, property upkeep, friends visiting and sometimes for no reason at all. But living an independent life and managing it on your own, gives you the liberty to live your life on your conditions & not on his. So, if your gut says -HE IS THE NAGGER TYPE- then surely stay away from this PG and run away as fast as you can.‘Don’t-do-this--Don’t-do-that’-type

The ‘Procrastinator’-: Your house needs fixing, water tap is leaking, paint on the walls is fading and shedding, the door lock needs to be fixed and a long list. But he won’t fix this now, because he is a procrastinator. The alarming signs are visible enough when you will be inspecting & visiting the PG. If you notice such a problem, ask him to get it done at the earliest. Upon your next visit, confirm whether he has gotten the issues  fixed. If yes, then kudos, you got your new place, but if he hasn’t, then get out of there and start your house-hunting again.The-‘Procrastinator (1)

The Bearable & The Good One: Okay, so not every PG owner you meet is going to be the cause of misery in your life. Well, many PG owners do offer a home like living; they pay heed to each need of yours, make your stay easy enough and offer a comfortable living. They try to manage everything on their own, if you need something, chances are they will cater to it as soon as possible. So, if you have got such a lovely PG owner, then our advice will be to not let go of him/her.

So, now you do know which types of PG Owners exist. Next time, make sure to inspect everything about the PG, from the location to accommodation and of course about the PG Owner. Also, if you are seeking a PG in Noida, then feel free to call us at +91 8882 356 356.