How to tackle the challenges of living in a PG accommodation?

Living in a new place comes up with a lot of challenges and responsibilities. These challenges could be monetary or an issue with your roomie or home sickness. For this, you need to stay prepared for any upcoming situation which can question the very existence of your decision to move out.

That’s why we have listed few points to ponder over which might help you to reduce the stress of living in a PG accommodation.

The unexpected turns your roommate can take

When it comes to sharing an accommodation with someone- “, you never cease to be amazed. Thinking how? Well…

  • There might be a chance that your roomie likes to stay dirty and not bathe for days. So, if their stench chokes you, do not hesitate to tell them that. But be less bothered of these things, if it doesn’t affect your life.
  • Some roomies could be the type who would always ask you for money or favors like ‘Lend them your dress or your favorite scarf’. We know that sharing personal belongings with an almost unknown person can give you reasons to get worried. To avoid this, you can always cite reasons like ‘skin problems’ and allergies to prevent them from using your favourite dresses.
  • Some may even try to belittle you for no reasons. So, don’t let anyone else overpower you and use you for stupid things.

Entertain yourself

So, if you do not have a roommate and feel lonely in your shared accommodation, then what you can do is, entertain yourself. We know it sounds weird but honestly, it is a good idea.

  • On occasions, you can invite your friends for a little house party or a get-together.
  • Or you can put on your favorite party jams and dance to its every last beat. (Doing this alone will be better. So, polish those Michael Jackson moves coz no one is looking).
  • Not just these but if you are a movie buff, then put on those favorite movie and praise the lord for popcorns. Because a li’l entertainment won’t harm anyone!


Make use of your free time

If you have college holidays, then you can try your hands at new things.

  • Whenever you have got the free time, make it count. When it comes to keeping loneliness at bay, one of the best ways to do it is to occupy your time with things that feel enriching, creative and exciting.
  • You can always try to master a new skill or take up a new internship or something. Why? Because remember you left your home to explore new opportunities and now is the time for that.
Cash it up

Remember that you are staying away from your home & your parents are still paying all your bills. So, it is probably a good idea to spend your money wisely and save it. The same thing applies to the fact, if you are earning money and paying your own bills. Why? Because you are living in an alien place and you must stay prepared for any type of emergency.

Be a careful spender-not a spendthrift!


So, help yourself with these points and make the most out of your living at your new home. Also, we provide homelike PG accommodations in Gurgaon. So, if you are seeking one, call us at +91 8882 356 356.