‘You are what you eat’. We all have heard this and been told about it many times. But how many of us have actually thought about it? Deep down, we all know that’s it’s true. What we eat not only affects us physically but mentally too.

So, whatever we put in our tummies, is eventually going to shape our mood. For an obvious reason, if you are having your favourite food, then your mood will be good. But what about health? Is that food healthy and nutritious? If you said NO,well…

While living in a PG accommodation, you need to make sure that you have the energy to tackle and face the new challenges on daily basis. Which is why, we want you to realise that ‘Eating right is very important for your overall growth because most of the times it is not about what you are eating but what’s getting in your body!

So, we have a few hacks to train your mind to eat healthy-
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Schedule your meals’ timings

Eating on the right time gives you enough time for easy digestion. So, setting the time-frame for consuming the meals is also very important. Try to follow the same schedule every day. Also, many people tend to skip the breakfast as they are getting late or don’t feel like eating in the morning. But they should know that ‘Breakfast is your most important meal of the day’. What you eat in the morning determines how much energy you’ll have to carry out your daily activities.

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Look for restaurants that serve healthy food

Health is the utmost important aspect of anyone’s life. The concept of healthy eating has gained a huge amount of popularity worldwide. So, if you feel like eating out, then look up for the restaurants that serve healthy & nutritious food. Many restaurants that serve nothing but low-calorie, delicious food are quite prominent in Gurgaon. So, if you have your PG accommodation in Gurgaon, you can look up for such restaurants.  


Try to cook some of your meals

Most of the PGs give you access to the kitchen. So, whenever possible, try to cook your own meals. No one is asking you to cook those fancy meals but simple dishes like Khichdi, Oats, Brown Rice Pulao, Salads etc. They are simple to cook and are highly nutritious. Other than this, cooking your own meals is a pleasant activity and will keep you in a good mood.



Control your mind & bring discipline to your plate

It always starts with you. Yes! You need to control your mind for maintaining your health. At the end of the day, it is you who must make a change. So, control your mind to eat healthy and you will see changes in your body within a few weeks. Be conscious about the health choices you make. With discipline on your plate, you will be able to eat healthy every day.

So, now you know how to eat healthy while staying in a PG accommodation. It is quite hard to manage but if you follow these tips, then soon you will see the fitter you.

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