Lets get the Master Chefs out of Students

The funny thing is that when we are at home, we always want to eat outside and when we start living alone; we keep missing “ghar ka khanna”

Living a student life is pretty tough, a student needs to worry about studies, finances, girl/boy stuff and then there are food problems – depending on what kind of a student you are, you would prioritize the above in a different way, but we love food and food is up top in our list of problems, which need a proper solution all the time. It is after all-difficult to study, manage finances and also date on an empty stomach, isn’t it!


We have compiled a list of meals you can make in less than 10 minutes and guess what, they are all up there in the yummy quotient.

  1. Maggi – we know you know about this, but how can an article about food go without the mention of Maggi – it has been there on our best foods list ever since we were kids and we are sure you share the same sentiment. The pack claims 2 minutes – give it about 4, add just about anything you want to add to it and you have a sumptuous meal – have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime in between, it does well to hit the spot.maggi image
  2. Scrambled Eggs – One of our favorites, however any type of eggs work well, be it poached, scrambled or as an omlette. Add cheese to make it healthier and tastier, some vegetables to make it a full meal and voila – you have a healthy, tasty meal on your table in less than 10 minutes. You can also get egg breakers from the market at a reasonable cost if breaking an egg without messing up the entire kitchen is an issue.Scrambled Eggs image
  3. Peanut Butter Sandwiches – Got no time to slave around a gas stove? No worries – just pop 2 pieces of bread, take out the jar of peanut butter and you are good to go. This is by far the quickest and the most mobile mode of food on the list today. Add different flavors of Jam to the sandwich to give it a twist and surprise your taste buds every time.
  4. Poha – A healthy option for health freaks and also for others – this healthy dish can be made easily and quickly and can taste very different depending on what you put in it. Have it with vegetables and a dash of mint chutney, or just have it with spicy ketchup – whatever works for your taste buds.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches image

We hope the above list keeps your tummy full in the upcoming weeks. We would love to hear about your favorite college time dishes and any innovations you have come up with while cooking them – drop us a line or feel free to comment in the section below and let the master chef in you roar!!!

Happy Eating!