Tips to clean your room

Remember all those times when you screamed and shouted at your mother for cleaning your room. All she did was to stack up your stuff properly, but you always lost something in a neat and clean environment and miraculously found your stuff in heaps and piles of “uhmmm” stuff. Well, now that you have grown up and stepped out of the shadows of your parent’s into your own castle, it is up to you to keep it neat and clean or to make it an adventure course with random stuff lying all over the place. Let’s assume you would like to strike a balance and keep the place clean for at-least 5 days in a month J

Here are some quick and nifty tips to keep your accommodation clean:

  • Let’s start with the most difficult one – keep everything back to where you picked it up from (haha, we know this won’t ever happen, but had to include this in the list – lets now move on to a more realistic and practical list)
  • Set a day in the week to clean the room – switch on the music, open the doors and windows and get cranking on the job.
  • Put the used food containers, chips packets, soda bottles, dirty plates and other dishes where they belong – start with the dustbin for the disposable items and the kitchen for the re-usable things.
  • Separate the dirty clothes from the not-so-dirty clothes. We all know how we don’t like washing something unless it is really-really dirty and smelly, we get attached to them after all.
  • Move everything else to the center of the room. This will give you ample space to make stacks of books, electronics etc. which you can then put in the right shelf, rack or the right place on the floor or the other part of the accommodation where it rightfully belongs.
  • Dust the place properly, use a soft cloth, maybe dab it with some Colin or other cleaner to make sure that you wipe of the dust and clean the surfaces properly.
  • If you have a carpet or a rug, take it outside and give it a good shake to ensure that it is ready for the next 10 days of extreme use by you – vacuuming the carpet is a very good idea.
  • Clean the floor/vacuum the floor if possible.
  • Make your bed, change the sheets for a fresh one, change the pillow covers (yes, this is also very important) and please put the used ones for washing.

studentacco infographic


Well Done!

You now have a clean room, which you can dirty again for the next 10 days and then repeat the same list.

Happy Living!