Five important life lessons that the PG life teaches you

Moving out of your comfort zone and shifting to a whole new setting, is not easy. It changes the very existence of who you are and transforms you into a whole new entity (mostly for the good). It is going to test you limitlessly but will render you with abundant of worthy experiences – which will always have something to teach you. Which is why, we took the initiative to tell you about the ‘Five important lessons that the PG life teaches you’

1. You learn to survive on less

PG life teaches you how to manage your financial condition and how to balance it well. You have got a specific amount of money in which you have to manage everything (from books to parties – all in your budget only). So, learn to balance and manage in a manner that you don’t crave for more money.

survive on less

2. Now you know what adjustment is!

Now that you have moved away from home, ‘Adjustment’ is something which needs to be a part of your life. If you share your room with someone, chances are high that they will be opposite of what you are. If you sleep at 10PM and your roomie is an insomniac, then you might have to just shut your eyes and go to sleep – So, that you can restore your energy without arguing. Not just sleep, adjustment comes down to food as well. First off, technically you are paying your landlord for that food and no matter how it tastes, you need to munch on it, if you are too tired to complain. Welcome to the reality of adjustments!

3. The addictive taste of Independence

The day you made the decision to move out, was the day when you started to realize what independence is. You live in a PG, away from home while managing everything on your own. Doesn’t this tell you that now you are an independent being? Yes! We know, it does. This is the kind of positive attitude which PG life instils in you. You single handedly manage to unpack your stuff, you get up early on your own, at times you cook your own food etc. Trust us, if you have learned all of this and do it without any complaints, then you are all set to go on a long way.


4. You automatically inherit Management Skills

You automatically learn to manage everything on your own. It could be anything like waking up early in the morning, ironing your clothes or keeping your belongings in the right place. Up until now, you were totally dependent on your family for all this, but now it’s you who has to manage everything. Thus, PG life teaches you how to manage everything like a maverick.

management skills

5. Strength to combat the hard times

If not now, then tomorrow – The time will come, when you will feel good for nothing and be willing to leave everything to just go home. Now this is the most important lesson which a PG teaches you. But somehow you will feel this place like your own as you cry your heart out. If not now, then tomorrow, you will learn to gather the strength to combat these hard times and love this place as your own.

Stregth for hard times

So, we all know that our life comes with a platter of different choices, options and experiences. And it is these experiences which mold us for the better. Which is why, we felt the need to enlighten you with the other side of life because it teaches you things which you will never be able to learn otherwise.

Hope you learn these life lessons as well and make your PG stay worthwhile. Also, if you are looking for a PG accommodation in Delhi, then call us at +91 8882 356 356.