Seven TV series that you can binge watch with your roomie

Exams are over, Admissions are still going on – and a lot of spare time. Well, to make the most out of it with your roomie – we have compiled a list of TV series that you can watch and relate yourself to. So, gear up for these and keep the popcorn bucket ready – Here it goes..

  1. New Girl

Okay! So, this show is a must to watch with your roomie. The main protagonist ‘Jessica Day’ moves into a loft where four other guys are already residing. And for the record, she doesn’t know any of them. So, see how her life is full of unexpected events and how she gets along with her weird roommates. And yes! This is undoubtedly a must for you guys to see. (Will teach you to know the ups and downs of life in a shared accommodation – and how to boss up and tackle it).

tv-show-new girl

  1. “The Carrie Diaries”

It is definitely geared more towards young girls who aspire to live in the city and experience the world of fashion. Now, if you feel addicted to it after watching, don’t blame us. Chances are, that you will fall in love with the protagonist as her ways of dealing with all the situations is an upkeep. (Sounds relative, ain’t it).

The carriediaries

  1. “Gossip Girl”

One of an all time favorite, “Gossip Girl” is the show you can watch more than once for sure. It’ll make everyone think that they have what it takes to be the classic ‘Upper East Sider’. Plus, you get to see a lot of ‘Chuck Bass’ charming aura’. 😉

  1. 13 Reasons Why

Prepare to be amazed, because this series took the world by storm. Produced by Selena Gomez, “13 Reasons Why” has made a massive impact on people’s mind. The constant suspense and thrill with such an intense voice over gives you a motive to watch it. Also, because of its sensitive content and message, it definitely makes an audience think of the repercussions of bullying. Sadly, If you have ever been bullied, then give it a try.

13 reasons why


  1. One Tree Hill

Another one of the highest rated on Netflix, “One Tree Hill” is a show that can really pull out all of your emotions. The characters start off in high school and are taken through the various stages of life – from high school to jobs – to getting married, this show has got all the drama you and I can easily relate to.


  1. Friends

How could anyone go through life without watching “Friends”? Tons of quotes from the show are used for almost every situation and anyone who has watched is able to recite them word for word. So, this show taught us how amazing friendships are and why our friends needs to be cherished.

P.S. Joey Tribbiani is the one almost everyone can easily relate to!


  1. The Vampire Diaries – “The Vampire Diaries” is definitely a show for all those “Twilight” fans. I mean, if you were Team Edward while watching the “Twilight” series, then what is a better way to add to your obsession than watching a show involving mainly vampires. Also, the unresisting charm of Ian Somerhalder will add life to your evening.


So, enjoy your PG life with the roomie while you can! Make memories with them and cherish ‘em forever – living in a shared accommodation is tough, we know! But to make the most out of it, is the best you can do. Also, if you are looking for a shared accommodation, then call us at +91 8882 356 356.