Student friendly food joints – Pocket and Otherwise (South Campus)

If you have good food, people will come to your restaurant. – Mickey Gilley

Pretty much agree with Mickey Gilley (food enthusiast & restaurateur), because good food is what drives people to different locations. Which is why, we have compiled such a list of famous pocket friendly food joints for students which will drive their taste buds crazy.

These are the places which almost every Delhi University student is fond of. From mouth watering food  to soul soothing ambience and finally the in-budget eateries – these are the basic requirements of the college lifestyle.

High-on-vibe and low-on-the-pocket, now the South campus eateries are all set to welcome freshers and old loyal customers alike. These cafes and restaurants fit perfectly – like those peppy & compact outlets with great food.

So, go on and read the list of the 5 pocket friendly restaurants that will soothe your taste buds without emptying your pockets –


1) Big Yellow Door:

Located in the South Campus, precisely opposite to Venkateshwara College – Just as it’s fancy and intriguing name – the food is incredible too. This place needs no introduction as it is not only a hit among the college crowd but attracts customers from all over delhi colleges. It is a chain of resto-cafes offering some of the best Italian and fast food items. It’s easier to identify this cafe by its famous yellow door that leads you to a great place, the place is pretty & very mindfully designed for the college crowd, it is a small place but nice decor.


Bestsellers – BYD Cheese “BOMB” Burger, Butter Chicken Pizza and Italian Pasta.

Cost for two people: Rs. 600/-

2) QD’s: A perfect place for Momos lovers; The place is well known for its tandoori momos – mouth watering and fiery – Total worth of the expense. But if you are the spice lover, then try the  the lemon chicken fry and burnt garlic fish. Not just this, but QD’s does offer appetite-filling Indian cuisine – from varieties of Chicken to Dal fry and tandoori dishes – they have got all the taste buds covered.

cheap and good restaurants in delhi

Bestseller: Chicken Biryani and Tandoori Momos.

Cost for two people: Rs. 500/-

3) Echoes: Their tagline is – Eat. Engage. Energize. By far, Echoes is the most innovative restaurant and is highly appreciated for hiring the differently-abled staff. For ordering the food, you have the switches on each table which lights up the bulb on the service counter – after this, people use the placards to communicate with the staff.


Bestseller: Mexican Pizza topped with nachos, Mac and Cheese Balls and Choco Death Shake.

Cost for two people: Rs. 500/-

4) Hunger Strike: This place is a synonym for Tandoori Momos. If you are a dumpling lover, then head to this place please. After all the pomp and show of other restaurants, we believe some place with a low key and lip smacking food can make a difference. That is ‘Hunger Strike for you’.  

hunger strike

Bestseller: Chicken Momos and Veg Tandoori Momos.

Cost for two people: Rs. 400/-

5) The Bounty: In the middle of all the Italian, continental and western food fair, the bounty will cater to the traditional North Indian and Chinese food lovers. The restaurant is liked by students and loved by families alike. Try out their Chicken Drums of Heaven and assorted Indian breads. Finish your meal with the ever-green Indian dessert, Kulfi.


Bestseller: Kesar Kulfi and all the traditional North Indian dishes.  

Cost for two people: Rs. 600/-

Now is the time to enjoy your college life, which is why we took the initiative to help you explore the best eateries in South Campus. Also, if you are about to move to delhi or are seeking a shared accommodation near your college, then call us at +91 8882 356 356.