Famous eat out joints at North campus (DU) – The ones which don’t burn a hole in your pocket too!

Famous eat out joints at North campus (DU) - The ones which don't burn a hole in your pocket too!

Every month, there comes a time when college students are low on pocket and seek low budget eateries. They look for vendors which serve good quality food at affordable rate but are unable to find it. Ironically, they call this technique ‘Money management’! Somehow, we all can easily relate to this. Which is why, we have listed the five best eat out joints in North campus, which serve the awesomest food and don’t burn a hole in the pockets –

1. Bille Di Hatti – To all those punjabis out there, if you are looking the most ultimate choley bhatura and lassi – Go to Bille Di hatti.

Located in Kamla Nagar since 1952, this place is giving ‘food goals’ to all the competitors out there. They serve the tastiest punjabi food and their specialty is the large creamy glass of ‘Lassi’, which is a sheer treat. Another major attraction here is,  Cholley Bhature, that too at an affordable price. The ambience is lit enough and sends out the punjabi vibes to everyone who comes here. We believe that this is one-stop place for a person to taste the ultimate flavors from Punjab. You can visit hem at – 72 D, Kamla Nagar, Cost for two – Rs. 200.


2. Bamboo Hut – Eat the Naga food, the Naga way!

It’s a little off beat because most of us are drawn more towards the typical indian cuisines. But these guys serve lip-smacking Naga food with specializing in Fruit beer. The ambience is just too perfect for spending a refreshed evening as this place maintains its authenticity by having well-furnished bamboo furniture and wooden interiors. Simple yet tasty, is all we could define Bamboo Hut for sure!

Must Haves: Authentic Naga fruit beer & Dry fried chicken. You can visit them at: 1598, Outram Lines, Mukherjee Nagar. Cost for two – Rs. 600/-


3. Big Yellow Door (BYD): Who doesn’t know the big yellow door? This door is the way to happiness and heavenly flavors in one go!

BYD is an attractive spot for youngsters to hang out at and doesn’t cost much. If you are the one who is into mexican food, then this is your place to go. The nachos with mozzarella on top, paired with salsa are a sheer treat. We believe that the place is small but has maintained its credibility with lots of lip-smacking dishes and really great hospitality. Also, it is a must for those who are into fusion food and are open to trying different cuisines.


Must Haves: BYD Cheese Bomb Burger, Cheesy Nachos Mexicana, and Butter Chicken Pasta. You can visit them at: H 8 B, Near GTB Nagar Metro Station. Cost for two: Rs. 600/-

4. Shagun

Been there for 30 years and this place hasn’t lost its aura at all. We agree that the name is not that catchy or so, but the dishes served by them surely are. This South Asian eatery in Hudson Lane serves various flavors from Vietnam, Burma and Thailand. Why it is a go-to place? Because you find the best Thai soup and vietnamese dish ‘Pho’

Must Haves: Burmese curry, Thai soup and Pho. You can visit them at: F-16/A, Single Storey, Vijay Nagar. Cost for two: Rs. 700/-

5. Ricos


Costs a bit more as compared to what we mentioned previously but trust us, Ricos is totally worth the pennies you spend here. They serve American, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, and Continental dishes, which put an end to the hunger pangs of yours. Wisely select from their range of Shakes and Lasagne, and our bid is on the Basil pizza, which leads you to the road of inner satisfaction. So, if you are willing to spend a li’l over the top, then Ricos is the ideal place to go at.

Must Haves: Shakes and Chicken Lasagne. You can visit them at: 2526, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp. Cost for two: Rs. 600/-


Seems pocket friendly, right? So, these were the top 5 pocket friendly food joints in North campus. They put an end to your hunger pangs – Interim basis only!

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