10 things which prove that you have the best roommate

Roommates are like your family away from home. It is indeed lucky to have a roommate who understands you like a friend, fights with you like a sibling and takes care of you like a parent. Living in a shared accommodation in Delhi NCR is tough, but if you have a really good roomie – things around you easily get sorted.

So, now read on this list of qualities which any good roomie would possess. If you want to find about yours, then scroll down to read more-

  1. They can read you very well


It’s true! They possess some kinds of face reading powers (FYI- Just in your case) and can easily tell how you feel by just looking at you – Not just in the happy or sad moments but also when you are hungry, irritated or needy. *rolls the eyeball*

  1. They share their food with you!

food sharing

If they are a foodie and share their food with you, well, you just got lucky! So, now all roommates are not like Joey Tribbiani – Some of them adore you so much that they share their food with you. Whenever they order or make something, they save some for you too. “Ever felt such happiness, when after a tiring day at office, you find the food saved by your roomie – just for you.” Such happiness! *Cries in the corner*

  1. They know exactly what to say to your parents

Thanks to the roomie who supports you in such hard times. They help you in hiding your bottles (certainly not the ones with water in it), They support you when your parents gets inquisitive about your whereabouts and schedule; Just to make sure that you are on the right track, at least in your parents’ eyes. More of like a PR agent who is on spree to make you look good!

  1. They clean your side of the room too!


Now if your roommate cleans your side of the room too while cleaning their side, then it goes without saying that you have the best roommate in the entire world. May be they are clean-freaks (*Monica Clean*) and which is why, they clean your room too. But yeah, overall, it is a really sweet gesture. So, make sure to thank them!

  1. They rarely calculate finances as they know it will even out eventually


They do not sit down with a pen and paper, or a calculator to calculate the individual amount for the meal that you just ordered. They know that the next time you will pay for it and it will eventually even out. In fact many a times, they even treat you when something good happens by saying that, “The bill’s on me”. But make sure to reciprocate it as well as this is the key to maintaining a good relationship.

  1. You both love to gossip!


Your roommate is someone, you can always gossip with. Mostly because you dislike the same people. Also, you both love to create some really weird scenarios in your head and can easily have fun while talking about others. *Energy level shoots up*

  1. They are your best advisers

roomie - cooking

Their advices actually work. It’s like they have a magical wand and with one advice from them, your life gets sorted. From love advices to professional choices, they are always your go-to person.

*Bye bye problems*

  1. They are your late night horror movie partners

scary movies

You’re too scared to watch a horror movie alone but with your roommate by your side, you can easily watch them and then get scared together. So, download all those scary movies and scaring the hell out of each other. *Boooohh!!*

  1. They participate with you in your cooking experiments

cooking experiments

Welcome to the masterchef’s kitchen at your PG accommodation!

Your roomie helps you out in all those weird cooking experiences and participate in it totally. If you both don’t know how to cook, then may lord be your savior.

  1. Never a dull moment!

never a dull moment

Even if you’ve had a bad day, you are always content with the thought that your roommate is your second family. You can easily go to them and share all your troubles. Now that they are your advisers, who else can be better at solving your troubles. They are your best friend and your confidants – Above all, they know how to make you feel better!

Life is all about enjoying and building it block by block with the people you love. And if you have such a darling roommate, who undeniably supports you, then surely your shared accommodation is a paradise to live in. So, now go ahead and make awesome memories with your roommate and make your stay worthwhile. Also, if you are looking for a shared accommodation in Delhi NCR, then call us at +91 8882 356 356/9999 415 415.