Six ways to reduce the inevitable stress in life

Cosmopolitan lives are highly stressful! From long lectures to days dedicated to fest, from small meet-ups to attending seminars, we all share a common thing – Stress!

Stress somehow easily becomes a part of our lives. It’s no surprise that most of the college students or work professionals with a lot of burden feel stressed due to their hectic schedules and what not!

Whether it’s fretting about the tests, worrying about financials, or managing being on their own for the first time, we often become overwhelmed and most often don’t know how to combat it.

Which is why, we have made this photo essay series which will help you to know ‘How to combat the ongoing stress cycle in 6 simple steps’

Get the job done
For most, it helps to address the problem head-on. By ignoring and procrastinating the problem, the stress will inevitably just come back.

get the job done


Follow a schedule
Form a schedule and follow it strictly. You need to have good control on what you do and how you do it. So, set goals and try to accomplish them without any distractions.
Practice good study habits
Try to narrow down what causes you stress. As it becomes easier when you can rule out sleep deprivation and bid goodbye to insomnia.

3. Sleep

Eat well
Have nutritious food because if you eat well, your body will stay healthy.

Eat well

Physical activity releases endorphins, and “endorphins make you happy!” It also can be a nice distraction, releasing tension and allowing you to have a clear mind.


Go outside
You can go outside for a change. Take a deep breath of fresh air and go for a stroll around your place.

Go outside (1)
This stress is going to be temporary. If you feel the urge to tackle it, then follow these six ways to reduce stress. Enjoy your life while you can! We believe that any person living away from home should have a stress free life. Which is why, if you are living a stressed life because of your shared accommodation, we are there to help you.

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