Is it time to grow up yet? Tips to dress for your upcoming interview

They say, ‘First impression is the last impression!’. Well, to some extent, it indeed is true, as you only get one first impression to give your best look in the job interview. If you look the part, your employers will already be impressed, and will be more likely to see you as the right candidate for the job. The way you dress, behave and appear for the interview, says everything about you – so, if you want to dress to impress and be hired for the job of your dreams, read on –

It matters when it comes to physical appearance!


Have Good Hygiene

Be as clean as possible – bad hygiene can ruin the world’s best outfit too. Take a shower on the day of your interview, wash your hair and feel refreshed. Not only will your skin look clean and fresh, but you’ll feel better because you’ll look more appealing.

Wear Professional Clothes

When it comes to the interview day, treat it as a BIG DEAL! Dress for a professional environment! Wear professional clothes and suit up well, to bag the job with such a great appearance.

  • For men, professional attire includes a dark-colored suit, long-sleeved shirt, formal shoes, and a briefcase.
  • For women, professional attire includes a suit, a suit with skirt and pantyhose, and conservative shoes.

People will definitely look at the way, you have dressed up – try to avoid casual clothes such as denims, shirts with quotes, spaghetti with too deep neck or footwear like Sandals, Flip Flops; as they look a bit unappealing!

Pay attention to your hair

Many employers feel this as an unattractive distraction, when it comes to people with weird hairdos. So, it’s important to show up with clean, well-brushed hair and have a subtle hairdo. Have a fresh haircut and try avoiding the messy look – no one appreciates the spiking or gelling the hair; As for girls, avoid really loud hairdos and hair clips! 

Shiny shoes are the key!

It is important to wear clean, shiny and preferably new shoes at the interview. The pair should match the rest of the outfit and should be professional. Avoid wearing sneakers, sports shoes or any other casual style. Try your hand at Solid black color loafers, if you feel like going with a li’l casual stuff – but our safest bet is, wearing Shiny leather shoes (Way more professional than anything else).


So, follow these tips to look smart and ace this interview in no time. Better yet, if you need a suitable accommodation, near your working area (in Delhi NCR),  then get in touch with us.