3 most amazing architectures in India with the best hidden secrets!

The mystical land of India is home to numerous legends and many miracles. A lot of mysteries continue to do the viral rounds on the internet, when it comes to legendary Indian architectures-temples and their history.

Below is a list of three such sacred and amazing places that are known for their unsolved mysteries and have several centuries of devotion backing them, granting more authenticity and reverence –

  1. Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple : The grand Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple of Thiruvananthapuram is run by the royal family of Travancore. This temple is believed to be the holy abode of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu lies here in eternal sleep or the “Yogi Mudra” on his enormous serpent “Anantha”. The vaults inside the temple contain unimaginable treasures like golden idols of elephants and 500 kg gold necklaces. The treasure is estimated at around $22 billion. However, there is a secret vault, which is said to be closed/sealed with an immense number of highly sought after “mantras” by the most learned saints of their time. Legend has it, that this vault can only be opened by a highly erudite sage who can reverse the cobra seals or the “naga bandham” by chanting a “garuda mantra” and the door shall remain closed for anyone else but him/her. It is said that If this mantra is chanted properly by some Sadhu, only then will the door open. Else, mighty serpents guarding the door will wreak havoc on those who try to open the door.
  1. Nidhivan: Nidhivan, a forest, with the holy temple Rang-Mahal is situated in Vrindavan. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Nidhivan is a dense forest with lush greens. The trees remain greener than ever, despite the fact that they’re all hollowed out from their barks and the land is dry like a lifeless desert! Temple rules prohibit entry inside the Rang-Mahal and inside the Nidhivan after sunset. After the evening prayers, the temple doors are shut and many sweets, clothes are left inside by the priests. Every morning when the doors are opened, the edibles are always half-eaten and the clothes used. It is believed that Radha-Krishna come to the temple every night to rest. Anyone who has tried to see what happens in the night either dies, goes blind or loses their sanity.
  1. Taj Mahal: Although not technically (currently) a holy place, the Taj Mahal is surrounded by a shroud of mystery and crazy theories. It is believed by some that the Taj Mahal was not actually built by Shah-Jahan but seized and adopted by him as the mausoleum we see it as today. It is believed to be a shiva temple called the “Tejo Mahalay” and and some uprooted sanskrit inscriptions which were later found support the theory. The inscriptions refer to the raising of a “crystal white Shiva temple so alluring that Lord Shiva once enshrined in it decided never to return to Mount Kailash his usual abode”. This mystery has eluded archaeologists for decades earning it a spot in our list!


No one could figure out the mystery behind these temples as of now. But, a lot of rumours continue to spread and the mysteries remain unsolved. So, if you want to find out their hidden secrets, then plan a trip asap and discover the rare.

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