Going back to the 90s – Best TV shows and cartoons ever!

Back in the 90’s cartoons were such fun as compared to the hyped ones we see today. From Scooby Dooby Doo to Swat Cats, Aladdin, The Flintstones and a lot more, TV shows were such a treat for our eyes back then. Pick any cartoon from the 90s, and there is hardly any denying that it will give today’s best cartoon a run for its money. Which is why, to help you in rekindle your love for the 90s cartoons this weekend, we have compiled the list for some of the best ones:


  1. Swat Kats

Swat Kats was the epitome of being badass. Set in a world of anthropomorphic felines, this series follows the high-flying adventures of Chance “T-Bone” Furlong and Jake “Razor” Clawson. The cartoon had everything that one could possibly love – supercars, advanced weapons, slick bikes and yes, the old school bare knuckle fights.


  1. Aladdin

From endless adventures of Aladdin-Jasmine and their funny pals – Genie, Abu and Lago, this show kept us all engrossed for hours. The magnificent adventures in Baghdad and the cute romance b/w Aladdin and Jasmine – No doubt, Ali’s entourage was one crazy bunch.


  1. The Flintstones

The two funny, entertaining, crazy and awesome duos – Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their neighbors, Barney and Betty Rubble were a great example of the couples who are constantly at odds with each other. Despite being a show based on Stoneage, one can easily confirm the fact how amazing this show was.

Yabba dabba do! (We know you just sang this in the similar tone :p)  


  1. Tom And Jerry

An all time favourite show dedicated entirely to the best friends who always fight but can’t sustain without each other. Tom and Jerry was a complete fun and entertaining show in the 90’s.


  1. Dexter’s Laboratory

Ah! The genius guy and his oh-so perfect lab coat was a treat for those carefree days. Dexter’s bully sister Dee Dee and the unbelievably massive underground laboratory was all we wished for, but then who knew experiments would be so hard in the school days (Anybody up for Chemistry labs?)


  1. Popeye

He got us to eat Spinach! What else can our parents be grateful for. Thank you, Popeye.


  1. Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is the hilarious hit Cartoon Network India series that tells the tale of the self-obsessed all-brawns-little-brains character Johnny Bravo, whose biceps are as big as his his machismo. In love with himself, his eccentric Mama thinks Johnny Bravo is perfect, but we all know different, right? Oh and not to forget his pompadour hairstyle and an Elvis like voice which made him oh-so funny cartoon character.