5 Horror movies which will turn you into an insomniac for sure!

Horror movies are made to scare the hell out of us. The loud and spooky sounds of the mystery or the complete silence, the best of horror movies have it all. They give us shocks and bring out our worst fears. And know what? We still love them. But what we see these days, is quite not the horror we saw earlier. So, you need to check out these top 5 horror movies, which have the scariest plot twists and will make you jump on the terror ride ASAP:


  1. Train to Busan

If you are bored of the typical zombie movies, then ‘Train to Busan’ is a must watch for you. It is a refreshingly new take on the zombie genre as Zombies wreck a havoc in South Korea. You guessed it right – the city of Busan gets infected and the passengers start to turn into mindless cannibals who begin eating their fellow passengers. But a plot twist which acts a deadbeat thrill factor is that, the zombies are mindless but they are as energy efficient, fast and strong as humans are. There, we said it! So, watch how the fellow passengers of these human-eating cannibals, escape from the deadliest journey ever.


  1. The Others

If it’s Nicole Kidman, then there is no doubt of this movie being exceptionally amazing. In this movie, Nicole plays a possessive mother of two children who are photosensitive and live in a remote house. Her children are extremely sensitive to light and must be kept out of natural light all the time and are able to see only by the light of candles. Right when things start to run in a smooth manner – Three servants arrive at their house and really weird and strange things begin to happen. Things begin to turn scary and mysterious as the house gets haunted with the spirits of the dead servants. What needs to be


  1. Rosemary’s Baby

Who or what fathered the baby, is the real question in the movie. Scary, right?

Rosemary and her husband move into an apartment building with wonderful, caring neighbors – or at least that’s what she believes. When she becomes pregnant, the atmosphere in the apartment and building changes. Her husband befriends the neighbour and as the time passes, rosemary realizes that this was the worst her husband could ever do. Oh and in the end, she delivers a baby, whose father is Satan!

  1. Shutter

Shutter is an all-out horror Thai film which sure did scare people very badly. The plot revolved around a photographer and his girlfriend, who had hit a girl by their car and ran away. But later, the photographer began to feel strange occurrences and a scary face of a woman kept popping up in the photos he clicked. Around the same time, he also complained of neck pain which the doctor dismissed as nothing. Watch the movie for such spooky twist and till then question the fact that ‘Is it the ghost of the same girl, they had hit or is it some other spirit with a past connection?’.  


  1. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The son and father coroner duo get the dead body of an unidentified woman to examine. Apparently she was found at the scene of a homicide, buried in the basement of a home with no signs of physical trauma. But as soon as the duo start to examine the body, a series of scary and mysterious events start attacking them. Eventually things leading to their death, the Jane Doe body still remains unexamined without any hint of autopsy. The mystery continues to haunt the sheriff and it is indeed a scarefest.