4 times AIB had a strong message for all the stereotypes!

AIB (All India Bakchod) is currently one of the most popular comedy groups in India, that too after receiving a lot of criticism and backlash. With being hilarious on the major part, AIB is well appreciated to talk about social issues that resonates greatly with the audience. More than anyone else, their videos strike a chord with the youngsters in the country and here are 4 times AIB has effortlessly made us laugh while focussing on social issues majorly:

  1. Harassment Through The Ages

We all have come across the songs that in a way or so objectify women – especially Bollywood songs. There’s no denying that all of us love these songs, but have we ever closely paid attention to the lyrics and what they imply. Well, AIB just made us question that from this video starring Richa Chaddha, Vicky Kaushal and Mallika Dua. This video has brought to our notice the warped values of relationships and consent that have been propagated in Bollywood for centuries. Oh and it will clearly show how women are objectified majorly in Bollywood songs.

  1. The Demonetization Circus

The time, when we all ran out of cash and stood in long queues for the new currency – The Demonetization phase. What a ruckus it was! AIB’s dig on this has been one of the best up until now as this entertaining video brought out the perspectives of all the different kinds of people who were affected by this sudden change. From laymen to businessman, to the bankers, the video brings out exactly what everyone is feeling about the whole situation.

  1. Rape – It’s Your Fault

Guess what? People in our country still believe that ‘Rape is a woman’s fault’. And to this sickening statement, AIB came out with a video starring Kalki Koechlin and Juhi Pandey with sheer satire and sarcasm. It’s a must watch satirical take on the sick minds who believe that women are the real reasons behind getting raped. It deals with topics like the clothes women wear to invite assault and marital rape.

Kalki, in the video, explains to women that they can avoid rape if they address their rapists as ‘bhaiya’. (The godmen we look forward to these days, right?)

They also make women aware of the ‘right’ dress code- what to wear and what not!

The video ends with a series of women speaking to the camera and acknowledging one fact – “It’s my fault.”

  1. AIB: When India spoke to Pakistan

If only the two nations had a strong bond! India and Pakistan have had their differences and still continue to – Which is why, on the 68th Independence Day, AIB connected the common people of both the nations, and it’s worth watching because of the expected reactions by them.

So, if you want to ponder over some social issues and have a good laugh, then check out AIB’s best social videos.

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