Youth and Startups: How to execute your dream projects in the most efficient ways?

Not a single day passes when most of the working professionals think of their brilliant business ideas and dream of executing them in the most efficient manners.

But the real question is, how many such young professionals really execute their dreams projects and turn them into reality. Not many. Right? This is because most of them follow the ‘monkey see – monkey do’ approach – which leads to failures in the initial stage.
Remember such things can always be avoided if you have a well structured approac towards it.

Here are 5 simple steps that we think can help you transform your vision into a well shaped business:

  1. Passion

Do a reality check – Are you really passionate or is your startup just an alternate solution for more income? If it is the latter then do not even proceed further because one needs to be extremely passionate about their business ideas and commit endlessly to make it successful. You just cannot goof around calling yourself passionate about something which is just a substitute for your job.


  1. Assess the skills or knowledge you’ll need.

Some goals won’t require new skills or knowledge, but others will. So, try to find out what specific skillset is required to have your business needs met. Also, assess your current skills as of how they will help you in future going forward with the current trends.

Such as, if you are very consistent with your technical skills, then keeping up with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) trends is a good option.


  1. Explore the best available sources.

Be it a monetary source, knowledge source or a management based – You need to make sure that you explore the sources you have in your life and get them on board in your startup journey. Developing a relationship with mentors and/or co-workers who can teach you skills or give you insights. It is an optimal option for you to excel at this moment. As well as, you can even try to look for seminars or events, that will bring you more networking opportunities, which can help you in elevating your business idea to the next level.


  1. Create your learning agenda.

Rule of thumb – Never stop learning. No matter how much heights your business has reached or You now have the information, so start creating your learning plan. It should lay out the skills and knowledge you need to acquire. It should include a timeline of where and when you will go about it. And it should be in writing, on no more than one page. It’s too easy to lose your “ball” in the weeds.


  1. Follow MIT.

MIT means doing the ‘Most Important Thing’ first. Set your goals as per priority and execute them by evaluating their rank according to their value. This is a fundamental step before you go any further and is a strategic decision process which will help you to think clearly and understand the flow of execution – most importantly in the areas which you need maximum support.


It’s the choices we make each day that determine our future. Make a conscious choice to discover your passion, design and develop the business canvas and network with right people. This way you will surely succeed.