7 Easy yet mind-boggling riddles of all the time!

Do you love riddles? If yes, that’s a good thing! Solving riddles is so much fun and almost everyone loves it.

We all know that a riddle is a phrase, question or statement with a double meaning to serve as a word puzzle. And the best part is, they kick the boredom away. So, this weekend we have got some of the all-time best riddles and give you your dose of fun.

Go ahead – Try solving them 😉

What you have to do is – Just read the questions and wonder what the answers could be. If you know already or have guessed it correctly, then check it in the last segment of the blog.

All the best!

Question 1 –

riddles - puzzle games

Question 2 –

riddles - puzzle games

Question 3 –

riddles - puzzle games

Question – 4

riddles - puzzle games

Question -5

riddles - puzzle games

Question 6 –

riddles - puzzle games

Question – 7

7 (2)


Now, if you have guessed them correctly, or failed to do so – we have listed the answers for all the questions sequentially –

  1. They were born in the set of triplets.
  2. All of them.
  3. Boxing ring.
  4. Bubble.
  5. Reflection.
  6. Living Room.
  7. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


Awesome, right! They sure look easy but don’t strike a chord with us, when asked by someone else. Now, go ahead and ask your friends to solve these easy yet mind-boggling riddles.

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