Long weekend approaching? 5 Awesome places to visit with F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Family near Delhi within 200 kms

If this year, Sundays and national holidays overlapped effectively ruining your long weekend plans, you need not fret because finally the Universe has started to be kind to our long-lost-wanderlust-craving souls.


Wondering how? (0_o)


Well, brace yourself and welcome this year with a bang because there are 16 LONG WEEKENDS IN 2018! (Me crying with happiness in the corner)

This year is full of long weekends and hell lot of opportunities for perfect getaways and there’s way much time to visit all those locations which you always wanted to.

‘Nuff said. Now let’s get down to business, waste no time and start planning those vacays already. So, here are the 5 perfect places which you can visit with your ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Family’ near Delhi within 200 Kms :



  • Seeking an adventurous trip:
  1. Power Paragliding – Sohna, Gurgaon

In the event that you are an adventure lover, at that point Power paragliding in the open fields of Sohna is simply great. The excite of flying in the sky gives an extraordinary adrenaline surge and an opportunity to see the beautiful location beneath from a 10,000 foot see.

It is a basic demonstration dissimilar to other flying experience exercises and includes a controlled paraglider, which is shaped by a motor, a propeller inside a confined and a coordinated seat bridle. All these are mounted on a trike with wheels.

It’s altogether a good start to pump your adrenaline and make the most out of your adventure trip.

DISTANCE: Approx 90 Kms


  1. The Awesome Farms, Faridabad

Settled in the dazzling Aravali Ranges, prepare for a flawless venture that will give you a variety of exercises to enjoy with loved ones. Enchant in this eco-accommodating property which is situated in the vicinity of Delhi and Noida.

This place is just too good to relieve all your stress and allows you to enjoy stunning sessions of indoor and outdoor activities available within the resort such as badminton, volleyball, cricket and different other intriguing activities.

For individuals who are searching for some adventurous experience can quench their thirst by indulging in other activities like simulated shake climbing, waterway connect, commando net, Burma bridge and different other exciting undertakings accessible appropriate inside the region.

DISTANCE: Approx 70 KM


  1. Aravali Resort

Aravali Resort, Rewari, is a unique resort far from the quick hustle-bustle of urban life where you can unwind with your family and companions. It is an ideal place for the general population who love to appreciate the straightforward and agreeable town and little city life. Aravali Resort respects the buff of recreation with solidness to the core of surprising residence. You can indulge in various activities like Zipline, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Spider Web, Valley crossing, Rock wall climbing etc.

DISTANCE: Approx 120 Kms



  • If looking for a relaxing and serene trip:



  1. Mud Fort in Kuchesar

Set in the beautiful encompassing, with River Ganges just km away, Mud Fort gives you the kinds of the genuine India. Excite in different shades of this place as it is an ideal destination to spend time with your loved ones at. Get a kick out of a magnificent indoor and open air amusement session while chilling with your family at Mudfort Resort Stay in Kuchesar. You can either go for lovely morning walks, tune into playful activities like sports or embrace the chill vibe of your vacay.

DISTANCE: Approx 110 Kms


  1. Neemrana Fort Palace

Delegated on the striking Aravali Ranges, make a stride once more into time and visit this tranquil fortification. The astonishing scene gives you an out-of-the world experience as you are submerged in the sensational magnificence of this radiant stronghold – Neemrana Fort.  

Go for a camel ride that will additionally add to your wonderful experience, enchant in the delightful night with Rajasthani folk dance and songs, that will empower you to appreciate the actual essence of Indian culture. You can also stroll through the lovely paths of the fort areas where everything you see carries a legacy with the beautiful essence of Rajasthan and don’t forget to stroll through the potter’s town…let this trip be a muddy one!


DISTANCE: Approx 140 Kms


Visit these awesome destinations and plan everything accordingly. Get your backpacks ready, set your mood for the vacays and head out with your F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Family for the perfectly long weekends all throughout the year. Oh and don’t forget to checkout our other awesome articles for much more interesting information.