7 Food Trucks In & Around Delhi to satisfy your hunger pangs!

Given the state of affairs on the road, we can’t help but be grateful that some food joints have taken it upon themselves to come to us instead. When it comes to Food Trucks, we are just so grateful for everything, because very interestingly this trend has started to emerge as  popular in the Delhi and the NCR area. The Food on Wheel is something astonishing to experiment with as they have mind blowing dishes which are loaded with tons of flavours to savour. On the off chance that you are a food-lover too, then surely visit these 7 awesome food trucks in and around Delhi-NCR to satisfy your hunger pangs:

Food Trucks In & Around Delhi to satisfy your hunger pangs 30 1

1. What the Truck


A standout amongst other food trucks in Delhi Ncr is What the truck. The name of this truck ought to be what a truck! The food served here is  full of mood-cheering flavours; From burgers to franks and the wraps everything is worth eating. At times they likewise serve Indian road food which is finger licking great and can be found in Gurgaon as they start to serve from the noon.

2. The Lalit Food Truck Company

Another Popular food truck put in Delhi Ncr is Lalit nourishment Company.The Lalit food truck  serves you out with the best Mexican food. From their fresh tacos to the stunning quesadilla will really influence you to love the essence of Mexico. In the event that still these dishes don’t demand you at that point attempting a Falafel and a vegan burger at this place is worth. The cost of food begins from Rs 100.

3. Vendors

Vendor is a standout amongst the most prevalent food trucks in Delhi Ncr. On the off chance that your taste buds are more disposed towards Chinese nourishment then Hawkers is the place for you. This truck is accessible relatively consistently. They serve a decent variety of food and tasting momos that are steamed and fried both, are must at this place.

4. Frugurpop

Popsicles are cherished by all and which is why, this food truck has come out with the tasties and mouth watering popsicles in the world. This truck makes another level of wonder in popsicles. From a creamier flavor to the Oreo treats bar, they are simply astounding. If you cherish the distinctive flavors offered by the natural products, then you surely should go for the fruitilicious popsicles. The fruitilicious offers an essence of kiwi, berries, peach, and strawberry. Indeed, even a squeeze of lemon grass is there which adds the woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh factor to it.
(Meanwhile people with sensitive teeth – crying in the corner) 🙁

5. Eggjactly

Another best food truck in Delhi Ncr is Eggjactly This truck is available at better places in Gurgaon. It offers the real kind of food. From the morning breakfast to the night crunching, this place has numerous things in store for you. Do attempt this place for a heavenly supper.

6. Dosa Inc.

A sure shot heaven for all the ‘South Indian Food Lovers’ out there. You can expect the regular South Indian offerings, including dosa, idli, vada and appam here; But, their biggest sellers is the Mysore Masala Dosa {with sky high spice levels}, and the regular masala dosa. Oh and don’t forget to taste all those mouth watering chutneysssssssss!!!!

7. Sushi House Mafia

A standout amongst other food truck  put in Delhi Ncr is Sushi House. This is a wonder of the individual who claims truck Eggjactly. You can eat the acclaimed Japanese Sushi at this place. The hot fish sushi served here will make you in love with the Japanese food.

(Go Sushi fans!!!!!!)