Places around Delhi NCR to drink the best smoothie!!

Snatch it in a hurry or sit and appreciate it, here is our list of the best places to get a glass of delicious and mouth watering smoothie nearby –


1: The Drunken Monkey

The Drunken Monkey is certain to get you high on organic products. With around 130 blends of smoothies to look over, you can really attempt another smoothie consistently for over 4 months. They’ve likewise got a scope of new icy press juices and protein shakes. That is not all, they are one of those few spots where you can discover avocado based smoothies and shakes!


2: Cafe Shunya

Situated at Cross Point Mall, Gurugram, this perfectly lit bistro has confidence in the energy of superfoods. Aside from the various sound alternatives for weight watchers, they have a superfood smoothie segment in their menu. Their inventive blends with coconut drain, turmeric and spinach, will without a doubt transform you into an enthusiast of their smoothies.


3: Getafix

Extinguish your thirst and fuel up for the day with a smoothie from Getafix. Referred to prominently as a smoothie bar, this little bistro produces some kickass smoothies with their in-house solidified yogurt. Include some chia seeds or flax seeds to it and your day by day portion of supplements is practically arranged.


4: Crudo Juicery

This little juicery in Galleria gives you an alternative of tweaking your smoothie. Pick your fixings, select in the event that you need it with yogurt or almond drain, and mix away.


5: Smoothie Valley

Regardless of whether you need a dinner in a smoothie, pre-exercise smoothies or even a post-exercise smoothie, this American smoothie chain has everything on their menu. A broad menu of smoothies taking into account each sort of smoothie darling, you will be spoilt for decision here.