Top 5 Hill Stations Near Delhi to plan a perfect getaway on a long weekend

Planning for a lovely escapade? Well, bless mother nature because it has some of the most beautiful lands and sights which are untouched by the so-called cosmopolitan development and are beautiful in its own. Explore snow-clad mountains more than ever, at these 5 hill stations.


  1. Discover The Green Meadows and Lush Forests Of Chopta

In case you’re finished making a trip to a similar old slope stations around Delhi, on each long weekend, at that point Chopta is the place you have to go to, in the coming one.

Situated inside the Kedarnath untamed life asylum in Uttarakhand, the place offers dynamite perspectives of Nanda Devi and Chaukhamba ranges.

Distance from Delhi: 408 kms (11 hours)


  1. You Will Forget Switzerland When You Discover The Valley Of Flowers!

In the event that you haven’t booked your tickets to Switzerland as of now, we unequivocally suggest you look at The Valley of Flowers first.

Situated in Uttarakhand, 300 kms north of Rishikesh – the valley is known for its pleasant knolls and an astounding assortment of greenery.

The valley is likewise home to some uncommon  creatures like the snow panther, dark colored bear and blue sheep.

Distance from Delhi: 513 kms (15 hours by street)


  1. Kasol Is Overrated, Head To This Untouched Hamlet In Parvati Valley Instead!

On the off chance that you start trekking upwards from Kasol, in around 30 minutes, you will wind up in this dazzling town undisturbed by the advanced shenanigans, called Chalal.

The place does not clamor with inns and restaurants, and holds an old-world appeal that couple of towns of its kind do; and this is precisely why you should make your base camp here.

Distance from Delhi:  519 kms (12 hours)


  1. Head To Kasauli When You Have Only 3 Days Off

Not over 6 hours from Delhi, Kasauli has an irregular quiet to offer. Regularly a pit stop for those heading out to the clamoring Shimla, Kasauli hasn’t numerous activities with the exception of a couple of excellent treks.

There is a dawn point, be that as it may, where we’ve encountered the sunrise more than ever.

Distance from Delhi:  288 kms (5 hours)


  1. Your Home For The Weekend Awaits You In The Forests Of Mashobra

In the event that you surmise that the city of Shimla is a standard goal, get away to the wild of Mashobra. April to June are the best months to visit Mashobra. While Mashobra has a favourable weather all year round, but spring and summer are the times when the place is in full blooms. Most of the sightseeing venues are a perfect getaway in summers, because of the clear skies and longer days.

Distance from Delhi:  352 kms (8 hours)