Indian Bands That Every Music Lover Must Follow

In a nation where Bollywood rules the music industry, forming a band and making it popular is unquestionably a difficult undertaking. In any case, that doesn’t appear to prevent these groups from beginning, or succeeding. Here are 11 Indian groups that have made their mark creating amazing tunes and sending gigantic waves in the sea of music:


  1. Raghu Dixit Project

An exciting blend of Indian society and shake n’ move makes them one of the peppiest Indian groups around. Relentlessly picking up in fame with a string on live performances that dependably have the audience on its toes, their re-interpretation of folk has all the folks astir.

Line-up: Raghu Dixit (vocals and acoustic guitar), Wilfred Demoz (drums), Bryden Lewis (guitars),Gaurav Vaz (Bass guitar) and Parth Chandiramani (flute)
Check out: Jag Changa (album)


  1. Thermal and a Quarter

This Bangalore based trio has to their credits the main Indian idea collection and furthermore the principal triple collection from Asia, also that reality that they were the opening demonstration when Guns n’ Roses seemed in front of an audience in India out of the blue. A standout amongst the best Indie Rock groups from India, they say their sort of music is ‘Bangalore shake’.

Line-up: Bruce Lee Mani(Guitar and lead vocals), Rajeev Rajagopal(Drums) and Leslie Charles(Bass guitar and Backing vocals)

Look at: This is it (album)


  1. Tetseo Sisters

Bringing the vocal society music of Nagaland energetically alive in sparkling, invigorating tunes, the music this group of four makes is as delightful as the general population who make them. Well known crosswise over India, some prominent exhibitions incorporate Handshake Concert in Bangkok, 2012 and Queen Baton’s Rally for the Commonwealth Games 2010 at Tuophema, Nagaland.

Line-up: Mütsevelü (Mercy), Azine (Azi), Kuvelü (Kuku) and Alüne (Lulu)

Look at: Li Chapter One: The Beginning (album)


  1. Indus Creed

This contemporary musical crew has a great deal going for them-splendid vocals, sterling live exhibitions and four albums(two for the sake of ‘Shake Machine’, their past symbol). Situated in Mumbai, they are without a doubt one of our country’s driving rockers.

Line-up: Uday Benegal and Mahesh Tinaikar (vocals and guitars), , Jai Row Kavi (drums),Zubin Balaporia (consoles and vocals), Rushad Mistry (bass and vocals)

Look at: Evolve(album)


  1. Swarathma

Situated in Bangalore yet having a cross-country request, this people musical gang is likewise a standout amongst the best in the class from India. They were included in the hit appear, ‘The Dewarist’ and furthermore has teamed up with the much-worshiped Shubha Mudgal.

Line-up: Vasu Dixit (vocals and beat guitar), Pavan Kumar KJ (percussion and sponsorship vocals), Varun Murali (lead guitar), Sanjeev Nayak (violin) and Jishnu Dasgupta (bass and support vocals).

Look at: Topiwalleh(album)


  1. Perfect partner

Perfect partner plays delightful blues tunes for the spirit fatigued. Stick stuffed with very much created riffs, taking off vocals and a mess of energy, this band from Shillong is a standout amongst the most perceived in the Indian shake scene.

Line-up: Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar(Vocals, Rhythm guitar, Songwriter), Rudy Wallang (Vocals, Lead guitar, Songwriter)

Look at: Ten stories up(album)


  1. Papon and The East India Company

Youthful however as of now influencing its name in the music to circuit is Papon and The East India Company. Creators of infectious combination society, they performed at settings as regarded as Storm Fest and Dubai World Music Festival.

Line-up: Papon (vocals, guitars), Brin (live electronica), Jeenti (guitars), Kirti (World percussions), Aakash (bass), Tanmay (drums) and Birinchi (keys)

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  1. Parikrama

One of the most seasoned musical gangs doing the rounds, Parikrama is globally famous and adored by a crowd of desi-fans. More than 3000 shows surprisingly, shake n’roll is especially perfectly healthy with Parikrama.

Line-up: Nitin Malik (lead vocals), Sonam Sherpa (lead guitars), Saurabh Choudhary (guitar), Subir Malik (organist, synthesizers), Gaurav Balani (low register guitar), Srijan Mahajan (drums )

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