College time a.k.a find a roommate who will be your partner in crime!

One day it’s your sweet 16 and the other day it’s not so sweet anymore. Life is no longer about gossip sessions with friends, gully cricket matches and burning paper with a magnifying lens. 12th Board exams and coaching classes are keeping you up at odd hours instead.Science is my slave! Buhahahah! Blog

Our parents say “This is the make or break year of your life, do well and you won’t have to worry about a thing in your life.” And then comes the “Making years” aka the college years. We got duped into this rut where every year is the “making year of our life”. Through it all find our silver lining and we call them our school friends aka chuddy buddy aka my permanent Bae. Be it school or college, if you have your “gang” to share your days, laughter and memories with, it most definitely makes up for the hard times.

Because like the holy grail of Game of Thrones says, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” Amen to that!


Leaving your “gang” behind is by far the most painful band-aid that you will ever pull off. Your boards exams have ended and you are excited about starting college. The famed Delhi University is on everybody’s radar. Starting college in your spanking new gear, your first ever roommate who is going to be your “EVERYTHING” and he will know “EVERYTHING” about you.  Amidst all the excitement there’s also this underlying sense of fear coming from the fact that you won’t have your people with you in the big city. People who have always had your back from day one, your school friends and family. People with whom you have uploaded pictures with cliched Instagram captions like “A1 since Day 1” or “Squad goals” or “Brother from another mother”. The same people who wrote abusive with a marker on your school uniform shirt on that last day of school, making a hundred promises of staying in touch no matter where you will land up. That chosen few, who are a part of you inner circle.scribble

If you are moving out of your city to a new place altogether, then mind you, a whole new world is awaiting you. A new city, a new hostel room that will be your home for the next 3 years! A roommate who is going to hold you through thick and thin and also be the first one to laugh when you slip and fall.

To sum it up, it’s about moving out of your comfort zone towards an independent-sometimes crappy- sometimes awesome life. College means  you find a new gang, your new  best friends for the rest of your life. It’s also the time when all the cooking hacks come to the rescue. Remembering how your mom taught you to cook. And when that fails, our old sweet MAGGI!branding post 26-01

Making a move to a new city feels more like a move from your bed to the couch. There are days when it’s uncomfortable and gives a lot of grief, but once you settle in there’s no better place than it. So much so, that you wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world. That is how precious it becomes.

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Making a shift from school to college is definitely an uphill task. But there’s always this bleak light of hope, which says and I quote, “ You are gonna own that place like no one else.” It’s the last days of the most amazing twelve years for the most of you. While you are all busy looking for the best DU colleges and DU courses ahead of you. It’s your chance to broaden your horizons and explore the unexplored.

Once your 12th boards are over, look closely at your “chuddy buddy”. All your roommates will be applicants for replacing him/her. You will find someone great but that new Bae will always fall short.

All said and done, run out the door and punch your childhood friend. Tell them that they are a fool and that this world is a much nicer place because of them!

3 cheers to all our childhood friends and new roommates. May we always keep fighting and reserve for each other our choicest and best insults!!