Why will College Life be the best phase ever?

Not even a single care in the world, meeting new people, making memories that you literally can’t share with just any bunch – College Life is the best phase of life. Here we are reminiscing the best of our days, jaha time kaha jata tha pata hi nhi chlta tha (only with the friends :p)


1) We always went to the college but never made it to the classrooms.

run away from the classroom gif

2) We party after our exams because we have another set of exams waiting the next week.

hangin-out with friends giif

3) Unplanned trips with college buddies are the best reasons why we are in college.

road trips with friends gif

4) No matter how huge the books seem to be they gonna be opened a week before exams.


5) Couples had their own ‘Fav Spots in Colleges’. 


6) Every night we sleep with the thought of what to wear the next day. Not a single day in college goes without looking our best.


7) We collect millions and trillions of memories in college which stays together throughout our life with a smile on our faces. Cheers to the memories you have forever and ever.

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