Roommate:TRUE MATE

Your college life is the most important 3 years that will shape you and train you for the world. It all begins with college admission followed by a new wardrobe and stationary. Then comes the most crucial moment of your life. Finding a PG near college! The shared accommodation has to be the perfect location, kind of like Sheldon’s spot on the couch.

The most prominent person in a college student’s life is their roommate. Depending on the roommate, this prominence can be pleasant or plain torture. There is no magic potion to find a roommate, who you like and can vibe with. Roommates come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them take the place of family and some of foes! Some share home made food and some step on your toes! A roommate is one such person with whom you will have a love-hate relationship bordering on a hate-hate relationship on a few days. But no matter how many characters you might meet, each one will give you a story to remember.

In the course of your college life, you’ll either have a roomie who will be your homie for 3 years or you will keep changing them every other month. We hope it’s the first scenario for everyone’s sanity. Here is a list of different kinds of roommates one can expect to find in a shared accommodation.

1.The motherly kind-

If you find a mother hen kind of roommate, they’ll give your own a mother a run for her  money. Brace yourself for the infamous 5 K’s and 1 F meaning,  Kyun (why?), Kya (What?), Kaise (How?), Kisne (Who?), Kisko (Whom?) and fir (Then). As much as these questions will annoy, they’ll also give you a homelike feeling. The motherly kinds take you under their wing and then it’s you and her against the world. They’ll pamper you when you are low and add to your happiness at your highs. A roommate like her deserves all your attention and love.










2. The Messy Kind –

This kind will make you question, who gave them the right to address themselves as adults! They’ll be in a perpetual state of disorder and will lean on you for things big and small. From picking their dirty laundry to deciding what they’re eating for dinner, you’ll be in charge for the both of you. But in their chaos, you’ll find peace for they’ll become like the little siblings you either never had or had to leave behind at home.


3. The 24/7 pooja kind-

Your roommate in this case will get the stamp of approval from your parents within no time. You’ll probably be asked to emulate their ways once in a while. You’ll wake up to the chimes of hymns and smell of agarbati. At least one wall of your room will be adorned with photos of god and goddesses.


4. Your Kind-

Finding a soul sister or a brother from another mother quite literally, is a rarity these day. But when it happens, the connection is instant. These roommates become your family. From your nana nani to dada dadi, everybody knows about them in your house. They’ll probably tag along with you during summer break. Just talking to them will lift up your spirits. You have everything in common, eating habits, sleeping patterns, food choices, clothing taste and size and most importantly same taste in music. You hate the same kind of people and crush on the same celebrities. You two are so alike that you become one unit for people around you.


5. The Street Fighter-

The street fighter roommate is your “Komal Chautala” from Chak de. Ready to pick a fight at the drop of a hat. They are as much a softy as they are brave on the outside. They’ll be the ones who’ll say and I quote, “Tu bas naam bata, hum dekhlenge.” That kind of assurance is what makes you love them like no tomorrow.OCD-06

6. The Casanova-

6 out of ten times, you’ll find a sock on the door, making you cringe and setting base on  the couch. You’ll spend unfortunate amount of times giving them lectures. They’ll probably ditch you on your night outs and you’ll be fending for yourself quite a bit.


7. The Dirty kind

Ah!The ones with an affinity for germs! If you are an OCD, you better make some solid arrangements to make the equation work. Because the amount of stuff thrown around including wrappers, towels and clothes will quite possibly put you in a bad mood if not give you a disease. And if not that then you’ll be cleaning for two because these roommates do not understand the concept of cleaning and organizing.


8.The OCD Kind-

They’ll be the reason your flat/room will look like the shiny lobby of a five star as opposed to the garbage dump you are okay living in. You’ll forever find with their cleaning gear. If you are the dirty kind, better have some lines drawn because they’ll roast you to death for the kind of mess you leave behind wherever you go. The clean freaks will probably demarcate your room to divide the sides. You cross their territory, you pay. Better stick to your side.



9. The Khilji type-

If you have a roommate who resembles Khilji in character then brace yourself for some crude ways of living. With absolute no concern for your privacy you’ll spot them making rounds around the place in their bare minimums. They’ll most definitely hog all the food you get and gnaw might laugh like a maniac. They might be a strong personality and it is anybody’s guess if they’re out to conquer your queen or support your fight in finding one!