Done with Boards? Now applying at the universities for admission? Don’t fret- Here’s how you can lower your stress levels!!!!

Student life is hard! We agree. The whole cycle of exams, entrances, preparations is like an ongoing thing. It seems like that these things don’t have an end, thus leading to continuous stress in life.

Competing for top ranks in the top Universities of Delhi NCR is a constant struggle for today’s students which comes with the added pressure of living away from home in a Paying Guest – where everything has to be managed by yourself. These things do take its toll on them. The cumulative effect of all this is that the student falls into the ‘Stress’ trap.

But how to combat this stress and break this vicious cycle? Does anyone know the way out of this?

Well, sure shot we know how to tackle stress and help you live a stress free life. First off, it is in the hand of students whether they want stress to overpower ‘em or overpower the stress and bust it.

So, while living away from home and in a PG accommodation in Noida, having the right PG is the foremost way to remove stress from your mind. Thinking, how? Make sure the PG is located near your college, have a good transport connectivity, fair supply of electricity and water – SO THAT YOU DON’T GET BOTHERED AND LIVE HASSLE FREE!  

P.S. You can easily focus on other important things due to this!


Keep what serves your purpose

This is in the context of having control on your environment and on the things that are really important for you. Make choices that are going to matter to you in the next five years of your life.  So, the key to controlling your environment is by controlling who and what surrounds you. Let the right people and things in your life stay and get rid of the wrong ones. Make the right choice regarding what and who you spend time with. The wrong things and people bring stress while it is the other way around if you have the company of the right people and things – They bring happiness and contentment.

Hence, the stress level will eventually get decreased.


Eat and Drink Healthy

Our minds are always stressed with thoughts of what a “healthy” eating regimen looks like, and what “proper” nutrition is. Find out about different “low fat” food options, and avoid sugary food and caffeine filled drinks. Drink tap water — it will do more good to your body. It’s not hard to get the right information and make awesome choices for yourself. Eat good food!! Your body will thank you!


Reward yourself and Express Gratitude

Be grateful for the things and the opportunities you have. Make sure you know how worthy you are of everything good and reward yourself. This is going to boost your mood and make you happy. It lowers the stress and the pressure you have on yourself. You can also practice relaxation techniques or meditation. Even better, if you are a music lover or dance lover, you can lower your mental & physical stress by listening & dancing to the songs of your choice. When you do things that are fun, you are rebuilding your inner self and nurturing your inner being is an awesome way to diminish your stress. So, spend some time on rewarding activities on a day to day basis to lower your stress levels.


Have a balanced sleep routine

Did you realise that when you don’t get the amount of rest you require, you lose your power to think, react and judge by as much as half the next day? An average requirement is 8 hours of sleep and you should have it too.

Creating a sleep routine and setting up a rhythm for yourself and your body, help you de-stress and be relaxed through the day.


Go to bed! Try not to be repentant for wanting to “turn in” too soon

The key is ‘Managing everything yourself’

Now that you live on your own, you have to start managing everything by yourself. It is going to be hard but then you have no choice either. Time Management is going to be an essential part of your life. So, manage everything from college work to getting up early to cleaning up the house because this is the independent life and its reality.

Go on a holiday

De-stress yourself by going on a vacation. We all need a break from the monotony of life and so do you. So plan a holiday, go on an excursion and make the most out of this life.

In the end it all depends on student’s own attitude. It’s good if you create a habit of enjoying yourself, no matter whether the situation is good or bad. If it’s bad, don’t avoid! If it’s good, embrace it while you can. Treat every moment as a reward and surround yourself with positive people, and you will be better able to cope up with stresses of living in a PG accommodation.


Hope these tips help you to de-stress and enjoy your PG life while you can. Also, if you are looking for a PG accommodation in Noida, then feel free to call us at +91 8882