Why Studentacco is your go-to option for renting any accommodation in Delhi NCR?


Many a times, brokers don’t get you the type of accommodation that they promise to, yet charge a lot of brokerage instead. When it comes to getting a cost worthy accommodation, which is reliable too, we have one of the best sites available on the internet to find Paying guest room in Delhi NCR – Studentacco. We are a simple platform with ample amount of options to choose from for any PG, flats, Student accommodation etc., which are fully authentic in nature. There is no requirement for those daunting house-tours as with Studentacco, you can choose your accommodation just with a simple click. Anyone can simply enter their preferences and can find the most suitable PG options for themselves. All you need to do is enter the place where you desire an accommodation at – filter your research according to your requirements.

Not just this, but our google map view option is really amazing as it provides you with the exact location of the accommodation and you can also schedule your visit at the PG by filling the simple information form. We are just the perfect option for those people who are struggling to find home-like accommodation at affordable rates but with good facilities.