Give a makeover to your PG accommodation without breaking any rules!!

PG lifestyle is an important aspect of most of the outstation students in Noida. If you are staying in a paying guest room in Noida and depressed about the cramped accommodation you are living in, you are not alone. It is a common complaint among students that their rooms are so boring and cluttered. They complain about not being able to accommodate all their stuff.

While it is a fact that living in a small space is challenging, you can still do something about it. With a little bit of creativity and organizational skills you can make your life easier. You can make your room look not only bigger but also more organized. At the same time you can also ensure that you are not going too extravagant for the room makeover.

Let us take a quick look at the various factors that can contribute to the makeover:



A simple piece of cloth can go a long way making your room look spacious. Ditch that clumsy and dark colored curtain for a lightweight and bright coloured one. You can also go for some neutral colours like cream, grey or pale yellow. Simply removing a heavyweight material will instantly give a feel of spaciousness. And then the light colors, just like the bright White, will reflect more light adding to the spaciousness.



You do not have to compromise on your favorite colours just for the sake of bringing more light. You can always play with colours through mix and match. Mix light colours with dark ones keeping in mind that dark colours take lesser space. For example, a light pink bedsheet with a deep pink pillows along with some sky blue cushions. Be causal in your approach and do not forget to opt for fabrics that add a touch of your personality.


Storage Bins

Storage bins can give a tough competition to any other room decor item owing to their blend of beauty and utility. There are few items in our day-to-day life that can serve a dual purpose so efficiently as storage bins. You can store just anything ranging from shoes to kitchen stuffs in the boxes. All you need to do is choose the colours thoughtfully and, again, do not forget to play with colours.


Organizational Stuff

Take a lot at your study table, kitchen slab or any other corner that is filled with clutter. Now look for small and big spare boxes. You can even go the DIY way to organize your room. Try making your own pen stand with tissue paper roll, file organizer with old cereal boxes or whatever material you have. Trying this inexpensive idea can instantly make look cool and colourful.



It is not the size of the room but the way you decorate it that makes it more inviting. Even a small space can turn into a cozy retreat if treated that way. You do not have spend a fortune on any of these items but also have to ensure the whatever you buy should be quite like an investment. Simply buying a cheap bedsheet with a colour that fades away after a wash is not a good idea. Rather you should buy two good quality bed sheets that you can use throughout your college life.