4 Things To Make Sure Before Getting a New PG Accommodation

Moving to a new PG accommodation brings forward lots of changes and challenges in life. It is not easy for anyone to leave the comfort of your home and move to an unknown place where all you have is strangers surrounding you. Taking a big step like this and then relying on someone unknown for an accommodation seems a li’l risky. But it wouldn’t be problematic, if seeking help from reliable accommodation based web portals like Studentacco. We honestly have got your back in this case because for you we have a few pointers that you can look for in a PG Accommodation in Delhi:

Is the PG located near your ‘frequents’? It is good to ensure that your accommodation is near to the places you frequently visit. These places could be your college, hangout-spots, workplace etc. & you could save a lot of time, energy & money. You obviously don’t want to put your time and efforts into just traveling back and forth from your frequently visited places to your PG accommodation in Delhi.

What type of locality is it? Be sure to choose a PG based in a good locality. You don’t want to reside in an alienated place and put your safety into danger. Always ensure the safety of the PG as a priority and stay out of misery & the locality should have hospitals, banks, police station, grocery stores etc. to its nearest proximity.

In your Budget or not? You must confirm the rent of the PG-the deposit amount- and certainly choose the one, which doesn’t empty your pockets. Have a fixed expenditure in this case because you will be managing everything on your own. So, rather than buying the eye-catchy or any lavishing accommodations, instead buy the one which suits your pocket and make your stay worthwhile.

Check for basic amenities in prior: Before moving in, make sure that the PG has all the basic amenities like purified water, attached toilet, kitchen, bed-chair-table, fair supply of power & water. These are the must in every accommodation, so before you move in or rent the PG, make sure it has all the basic facilities.


Hope these things help you out in finding a suitable PG Accommodation in Delhi. Also, if you are looking forward to move out and seeking a PG in Delhi, then feel free to visit our website Studentacco.com OR Call us at +91 8882 415 415.