Finding a homelike accommodation with ease!

Nowadays, finding a decent accommodation in another city has turned into an overwhelming task for students and young professionals. A good amount of brokerage or lack of proper facilities are the greatest obstacles in their way and all they are left with, is the option to take just any accommodation (which most times is their least favourite). Considering the problem and to provide a solution, StudentAcco took the responsibility to improve the entire procedure and offers the young bunch a basic online platform, where they can select accommodation according to their own needs.

Studentacco eases up home-search and helps students save their significant time. An easy to use User Interface with the ability to book the rental pads within a few steps.  Our site offers PGs, flats and rental apartments or Student House in Delhi crosswise over Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad. Simply entering the chboice of city, particular area and gender comes up with a rundown of checked properties.

Each property has the contact details listed with itself. We likewise have the property holder’s name and contact number specified so that the students can straightforwardly converse with PG owners and book an accommodation within a few easy steps. Without paying any commission or brokerage, starting with one area then onto the next, they can locate their appropriate base in the city. Aside from owners of PGs, Student House in Delhi and inns, students can likewise converse with their potential flatmates previously living there and see genuine photos of the PG and rooms including the areas.

Our blog section is filled with updated tips and strategies to cope with the new accommodation and make it as their own.  Our blog covers an assortment of tips to enable students to move to another city while remaining ensuring the safety factors. It goes for an inside and out improvement of their living situation, as they have now left all the solace and comfort of their houses.

If you are to book an accommodation with Studentacco – There are just five steps to follow: Search, Select, Contact, Schedule and Move In. What’s more, with its guide based search option, the entire procedure turns into a cakewalk for students. You just have to select the specifications you’d like in your house type and VOILA..there it is. is a one-stop shop for searching rooms, flatmates and accommodations that suit pockets and give you a homelike feel! Now that finding rental accommodations have become this easy, why don’t you just try your hand at it. If you wanna know more, then make sure to call us at +91 8882 415 415 – We are always happy to help you!!