Homelike accommodations for Students by Studentacco!

Living in a city full of unknown people and strangers around, is a tad bit tough. But it gets much more problematic when you are seeking a homelike accommodation best suited to your needs in the same city. For an obvious fact, this does sound like a worrying situation for anyone who migrates to an alien city. Never mind, because now you have StudentAcco as a saviour. If you think that not a single web portal is reliable in this case, then my friend, you haven’t seeked help from StudentAcco.

StudentAcco is a web portal which offers homelike accommodation at affordable rates. We provide authentic PG accommodation as well as rentals for those who migrate to an alien city and are seeking a homelike accommodation. Our website is easy to use and provides the option to filter the requirements accordingly. You can choose or rent the apartment according to your budget and need. The plus point of StudentAcco is that you don’t have to waste your time & energy in those last-longing house tours or visit several unknown locations. Your flat is just a click away and you can move in easily after coordinating with the owner. Also, flats are a better idea if you seek privacy more than anything else. In that case, a studio apartment or a 1 BHK is the best option to go for. You can even share your 1 BHK with a roomie so that you can enjoy your privacy despite having a companion.

A simple trick to find a suitable house online is comparing prices, amenities and safety features. The packages often come in attractive prices to ensure a peaceful stay. The best part is, we do not charge you any brokerage and make sure that we are always a pocket friendly portal for students and young professionals. We come with detailed information on suitable properties along with contact details of owners. You can talk to them and book a room for yourself anytime and anywhere in Delhi NCR.