“A House is built of walls and beams,

A Home is built of love and dreams.”


This line very well explains the difference between a house and a home. The home consists of the feeling of selfless love, affection, and concern which is there within a family.  There is an intangible strength in the home which everyone lacks while staying outside in PG or hostels. I researched the topic and found that most students feel homesick and nervous while they have to relocate for studies and other purposes. If you too are feeling the same dilemma and are stressed about your experience in an unknown city, then I would suggest you shift in a shared apartment. Discover Cheap Student Homes in Delhi from our website to find suitable accommodation. Don’t worry about the pros and cons of shared life and take a chill as I have prepared a list of how you can strengthen the bond with your roommate.

Start the conversation to know your roommates on a deeper level to make a place in their heart.

Accept and love your partner – It might seem awkward for you to connect with a stranger on a deeper level, but believe me, there are chances that your partner is feeling the same. One of you is required to start the conversation to break the ice and initiate a warm relationship.

Share and appreciate ideasThe best thing you can do to connect with them on a deeper level is to share your crazy thoughts and guilty pleasures with your partners, but at the same time, you must also respect and appreciate their choices and lifestyles. In a diverse nation like ours, it is exceptional to find someone like you. So, you must stop hoping for a perfect rather be happy in imperfection. You will surely get to know and respect when you will be aware of each other’s dreams and aspirations.

Help each other in work You are not likely to have a peaceful place if you have distributed the work. I do not mean that one person should complete the entire job. There must be a mutual understanding and a sense of responsibility that if one person is busy in an important project, then the other one washes the dishes or cook without thinking whether it is your duty or not.  Helping each other out with the college project is also a great idea.

Learn about their culture and field – There could be issues if you both belong to different cultural groups, but you can turn into your USP by respecting the difference and learning new things from them. It is fun to assist them when you are unaware of their stream.

Go out and have fun– It may include watching a movie, play, shopping, or wandering on streets having street food which is famous in Delhi.

You can experience the best years of your life with your roommates if you share such a connection. There are endless activities that you can do together like girls’ night outs, sleepovers, relationship advice, break up parties, enjoying the spa together, AND MANY MORE. Connect with us to find Shared Apartments in Delhi, or dial us at +91-8882-415-415 if you are struggling with doubts.